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Melissa – 40 years old. Molly, a 20-year old, was accepted into NYU, but sadly the scholarship only covered a forth of first year tuition. While she was waiting for her loan approval, Molly’s friend who was an erotic dancer suggested Molly to try dancing as a way to make money. Molly decided to give it a chance. She learned how to dance very quickly, and she also had grown to love it. Molly earned a large amount of money to pay for her school tuition each semester. Now Molly is an executive marketing research analyst for Diakin Co. Do you think it was right or wrong that Molly decided to become an erotic dancer to put herself through school? The subject thinks that it’s wrong mainly because this job is unhealthy for those who are involved in the industry. In her opinion, the industry promotes the objectification of women. The atmosphere surrounding the clubs has no positive attributes, which causes the women feeling worthless and ashamed. Majority of the women in this industry are exposed to situations that are dangerous and unforgettable such as rape, metal issues or drug usage. Melissa also concerns about the consequences that may follow Molly after erotic dancing; for example, the chances of Molly getting sexually assault would likely to happen or Molly could potentially develop a self-esteem issue. Furthermore, Melissa expressed her opinions about a country where young women would have to think of this path as an option to make money, and those men who look at women as objects. Melissa understands those women who have to somehow earn money to maintain their needs, but the monetary benefit doesn’t outweigh the psychological consequences that may follow. If Molly was to be Melissa’s close friend, Melissa would help Molly explore other options and talk to Molly about her concerns, but she would never judge nor talk negatively about Molly’s decision.
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