Developing ‘Savory Rosti’ Crisps at Dreddo Dan’s

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Developing ‘Savory Rosti’ crisps at Dreddo Dan’s p.205
Case synopsis
This case exercise covers many issues found in new product and service development projects. In particular, the case examines a new type of product that is to be launched in an uncertain and unpredictable market and also carries some development risks. Above all, the project is a significant development for the company, with both the potential for major competitive benefits and some downside risk. Monica Allen, the Technical VP of PJT’s snack division, has defined the questions in her analysis of the project. She sees the key decisions as follows:
• How to resource the project. In other words, how many people to devote to developing the new product.
• Whether to invest in a pilot plant or, alternatively, experiment with another company’s process technology.
• How much of the total development effort to outsource.
• How to organize the resources that will be devoted to developing the new project.

The important perspective needed to take on this case, is that one does not need to have absolute mastery of the technical aspects of the case in order to make useful comments. And as a reminder, because you may not know much about the technical issues covered in this case, this is not an excuse for either making wildly convenient assumptions about the case, or giving up completely because you do not know enough about the technical issues. This is why the questions deal with process objectives and process resourcing.

Question 1 – How would you rank the innovation objectives for this project?

By order of importance from Monica point of view:

1. Quality – Safety of the crisps (200 % safe).

2. Dependability – how to use the new extrusion in addition to the ability to operationalise and integrate various technical solutions. Packaging was also an important element that will keep the crisps…...

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