Delta and Northwest Merger

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For this assignment – you will need to access the LexisNexis database in the Keller Library, from the student resources tab under Course Home.

Go to Jennings Chapter 9, page 315, problem 5. Use LexisNexis in the Keller library and look up the Esposito-Hilder vs. SFX case. Use the citation you find in your book to do the search. Read the case and answer these questions. Copy and paste this information into a Word document, include your name on that document, and answer the questions. 1. What is the most “jealously” protected kind of speech, according to the court in this case? (3 points) 2. What court decided the case in the assignment? (2 points) 3. Briefly – state the facts of this case, using the information found in the case in LexisNexis. (5 points) 4. According to the case, why was this not defamation, and what tort did the court approve a filing for? (5 points) 5. In the decision, why does the court state further proceedings will be required? (5 points) 6. Do you agree with this decision? Why or why not? (5 points)
Now, in the library, click the “Shepardize” button in the top right of the LexisNexis page while on the case. This provides you with all of the cases which have used the Esposito case as “precedent” since its publication. Out of the 30 cases listed pick one, click the link, read the case, and provide the following information: A. the name and citation of the case (5 points) B. the name of the court which decided the case (3 points) C. the year of the decision (2 points) D. the facts of the case (5 points) E. the issue of the case (5 points) F. the “decision” of the case (5 points) G. for what principle of law was the Esposito case used (cited for) in the case? (5 points) H. following the directions in the library, download a Word-Doc copy of the case, and include your name in…...

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...Human Resource Management Delta Case Study: Improving Delta’s Profit Margin Written by Filiz McNamara, Ogochukwu Udekwe and Vicki Troftgruben February 21, 2011 Table of Contents Page Introduction 3 External Environment 3 Internal Environment 18 Systems and Stakeholder Analysis 32 Conclusion 34 Problem Identification 36 Generation and Evaluation of Alternatives 37 Recommendation 38 Decision Implementation 39 References 40 Introduction Delta Airlines was founded by C.E. Woolman, an agriculture extension agent (Anthony, Kacmar, & Perrewe, 2010).  C.E Woolman was not a banker, venture capitalist or war pilot, as many of the competing airlines were.  He didn’t have the aggressive military style that many of the other airline founders had.  What C.E. Woolman instilled within the employees at all levels of the organization is that people matter and should be treated fairly and equitably.  This philosophy led Delta Airlines to be the leader in customer service from the company’s inception through the many mergers over the years.  Through the difficult financial times when other airlines were laying off employees and filing for bankruptcy, Delta continued to pay their people well and keep them employed. There was an exception during the Ronald Allen CEO era of 1987 thru 1997.  Human relations took a significant down turn during his tenure as CEO, especially during 1993 and 1994, but Delta decided to part ways with Allen and began......

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...------------------------------------------------- [Document title] MGT-432 November 26, 2013 Executive Summary Delta airline has a long history whose roots begin at the year 1924.This airline has grown to become one of the largest airlines serving the United States of America and also majority of the world through its international routes. The aim of this paper is to see the history of the airline together with its financial position with concentration on the various strategies the company has implemented to reach where it is right now. The paper will also include various suggestions to the airline to help it to grow further. Delta airlines began in the year 1924 but during that time it was known as Huff Daland Dusters. This was the first aerial crop dusting which had its headquarters in Georgia. The following year, the company moved its headquarters to Louisiana. The directors of the company were B.R Coad and Collett Woolman.Huff Daland went on its first international route and that was to begin its services in Peru which brought in enough money and increase in purchasing power. The year 1928 gave birth to what is known as Delta Airlines today. Furthermore, the year 1930 came with a major setback to the airline. Delta failed to secure a commercial airmail contract and therefore suffered major losses which forced the airline to suspend passenger service. As time went by, the year 1934 seemed to be the year for Delta Airlines as they secured a low-bid contract for......

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...Affairs This portion of the paper will include key information about Delta Air Lines, Inc. (Delta): (a) history; (b) culture; (c) important leaders over the years; (d) current products and service offerings: (e) target markets; and (f) methods of product and service delivery. History This section describes the history of Delta. The company was founded in Macon, Georgia, in 1924, as the world’s first crop-dusting service, Huff-Daland Dusters. The company moved to Monroe, Louisiana, in 1925. In 1928, field manager C. E. Woolman and two partners purchased the service and renamed it Delta Air Service after the Mississippi Delta region it served. Delta was the first international mail and passenger route on the west coast of South America. Delta operated its first passenger flights over route stretching from Dallas, Texas to Jackson, Mississippi, via Shreveport and Monroe, Louisiana. Also, Delta was awarded a US Postal Service contract in 1934 to fly from Fort Worth to Charleston via Atlanta (Hoover’s, 2011). In 1941, Delta relocated to Atlanta. Woolman became the president in 1945 and he managed the company until his death in 1966 (Delta, 2011). Delta offered its first night service in 1935, using the Stinson Model A; the first Delta aircraft with two pilots. Douglas DC-2 and DC-3 service was introduced and the introduction of flight attendants, called “stewardesses,” added to flight crews. Delta contributed to the war effort by modifying 1,000 plus aircraft,......

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