Decision-Making Gone Awry

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Decision-Making Gone Awry
Casey Heard
Management Decision Models
Argosy University
Mitchell Franklin
October 15, 2013

The purpose of this analysis is to discuss, review, and analyze various ineffective decision-making processes that can cause negative and unsuccessful decision-making outcomes and results. Social influence, such as peer pressure, social media, television shows, radio announcements, magazine articles, online and offline advertising and other forms of marketing, and even the utilization of the Internet are all tools that can be used for success; however, they can also be used in a negative manner, thereby creating ineffective, unsuccessful decision-making results. It is imperative for those in decision-making roles to be cognizant of decision-making tools that can be improperly utilized, thereby creating unsuccessful decision-making outcomes.

Decision-Making Gone Awry
Ever since the beginning of time, there have been people, both individuals and in groups, who fill the authoritative role of making decisions. People have the ability to make decisions for themselves by themselves and for others with others. An individual is sometimes in charge of decision-making for an entire team, group, or staff, or a group of people sometimes is in charge of an individual filling a role underneath their authority. Whatever the case or situation may be, there are effective and ineffective ways to utilize decision-making methods, which create either positive or negative results for a company, business, individual, and even family.
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Every mother and father on this planet raising children will at some point in their lives encounter the two-worded (and usually dreaded) event: potty training. My three year old daughter Peyton is still having some trouble in this department. As the mother, I am the one primarily…...

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