Cyber Terrorism

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Abstract FBI cyber security division computers are hacked into at the same time that known hackers capable of performing this have their computers hacked into and are blown up when they hit certain keys on their computer keyboards.
Traffic lights and the transportation systems are then hacked into and total gridlock and chaos ensure. Wall Street is then affected and cyber money is thought to be dwindling away. This is known as a Fire Sale which has 3 steps. In the first step transportation is shut down then finance and finally, in the third step, utilities are affected. As expected, the media broadcast the government’s next move to everyone including the terrorists. As it turns out, the leader of the terrorists is a former DOD software programmer that had warned the government after 9/11 that our networks were vulnerable and that this kind of thing would happen, but he was laughed to scorn.
This scenario has a happy ending thanks to detective John McLain of Die Hard fame but could very well happen and end up with a not so nice outcome in real life.

The situation described above is from a popular movie but mirrors real life all too…...

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