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Customer Centric Organizations – Kossan Group

Being in the medical glove manufacturing industry since 1989, the Kossan Group has grown to understand and anticipate the needs of the medical healthcare community. The staff and workers of Kossan are inspired and passionate to produce high quality medical gloves to safeguard the users against cross contamination. The innovation is regarded as a driving force to constantly provide product solutions for the present and the future needs of the industry.

The company’s Vision & Mission is aptly derived from acronym of Kossan, which K refers to Keeping a healthy growth through teamwork, O refers to Opting to be competitive through the provision of good services and quality products, S refers to Striving to reduce Malaysia's dependence on imported rubber goods, S refers to Stepping up the welfare and professionalism of our employees, A refers to Aspiring to develop more high technology products and Navigating towards Malaysia's Vision 2020. As can be seen, two of the visions are customers centric, which are by providing good services and quality products (O) and to develop more high technology product (S) to satisfy the customers’ needs. These vision and mission are displayed and construed everywhere in the company to ensure them are well communicated to the employees.

As like other major glove manufacturers in the industry, Kossan is original equipment manufacturers (OEM) who mainly sell their products to multinational healthcare corporates (MNCs) such as Ansell, Kimberly Clark, Cardinal Health, Medline and Microflex. In order to stay competitive among the glove manufacturers, Kossan focuses on the core customers by satisfying their special request on gloves specifications with its strong in-house research and development (R&D) capabilities. This ensures the company to…...

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