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Question 1: Greek Logic and Metaphysis in Critical Thinking 1.1 Background of Socrates 1.2 Contribution of Socrates 1.3 Background of Plato 1.4 Contribution of Plato
Question 2: Islamic Contribution in Critical Thinking
2.1 Background of Ibn Sina (Avicenna)
2.2 Contribution of Ibn Sina (Avicenna)
2.3 Background of Al-Kindi
2.4 Contribution of Al-Kindi

First of all, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to those who helped and provided me the possibility to complete my assignment. First and foremost, a special thanks to my Critical Thinking’s lecturer, Mr. Krishnan for the valuable guidance and advices regarding my coursework. I would like to thank him for his willingness to teach me the parts that I don’t understand and showing me some good examples that are related to my coursework.
Secondly, I would like to thank my parents for giving me support in terms of words of encouragement and financial assistance to complete my assignment. Without their encouragement, I won’t be able to finish my assignment in time.
Furthermore, I would like to thank the authority of Legenda Education Group for providing me with a good environment and facilities to complete this project. Also, I would like to thank librarian which help me to find books that related to the topic of my project.
Last but not least, special thanks to my friends, for helping me to complete my assignment. They gave their time to exchange our ideas and knowledge to complete this assignment.

Greek Logics and Metaphysis in Critical Thinking

Background of Socrates
According to the ancient record, Socrates, the celebrated Greek philosopher and moralist, was born at Athens in the year 469 B.C. His father, Sophroniskus, was a sculptor and he…...

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