Creation of Silicon Chips

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Creation of Silicon Chips

D'yara L.Williams
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CS 304 - Introduction to Computer Organizatikns & Architecture
Dr. Y. Kim
Feburary 25, 2015 Did you know that microprocessors today have more than 30 layers of complex circuits compared to the 5 layered circuit discovered in 1971? Silicon chips are also known as a monolithic integrated circuits, die, or processors. They’re miniature electronic brains that are everywhere in the electronic world, which processes data in the form of electrical currents traveling along a circuit. The natural semi-conductor of integrated chips is manufactured using sand. Beach sand contains a high percentage of the principal ingredient, silica or silicon dioxide, the most abundant element on earth besides oxygen. The process of making silicon chips is called fabrication. A wafer is a thin silicon disk sliced from a cylindrical ingot that is used as the principal ingredient for building integrated circuits. The creation of silicon chips is processed by ensuring product specifications, architectural specifications, creating a logic design, compose a physical representation and finalizations. However, engineers experience a problem with desiring to make electronic devices simpler but more powerful.
Although the first computers came about before its invention, the silicon microprocessor is the advancement that made the modern computer era explode. The ability to create a microelectric chip out of silicon dioxide was what triggered computers best advancements in energy efficiency and performance. The first microprocessor was the Intel 4004 which was not very powerful, and it could only add and subtract at four for bits at a time. Microprocessors are often classified by the number of transistors and other electronic components contained. According to Moore's Law, Gordon…...

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