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Labette County Residents
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Labette County Residents Over half of Labette County, Kansas’s residents lives in a rural area. They have the advantages of living in small-town America and can travel within a few hours away for any urban life needs too. The residents of Labette County have a wide variety of educational experience, cultures, and abundance of wild life and outdoors activities.
MAP-IT Assessment Labette County’s residents have a lot of opinions to get medical attention like several physician’s clinics, one county health department, and two rural hospitals located in the county. If specialty healthcare is needed, most are available within one to three hours traveling by vehicle. Labette County residents need to get better education past high school to be able to make better money. If they make better money, then they will be able to further help themselves from poverty and getting chronic diseases by getting proper preventative health cares. Labette County residents and healthcare professionals need to focus on preventative health promotion and disease prevention in the community. Residents need to encourage their children to go beyond high school for their education needs. Labette County residents and healthcare professionals can do educational programs out in the community in all healthcare settings, schools, all city locations, public events, and during community meetings. Certain residents and healthcare professionals can keep track records of how preventative healthcare and having a higher education can help or not help the residents of Labette County.
Labette County Strengths Most Labette County residents are close, tight-knit people just like in most rural areas. Many residents have strong family ties to their land and ways of life, meaning this is important in rural people having a good…...

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