Corperate Governance Failure at Satyam

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1. Strategy, Governance Concepts and Business Terminology:
|1. Business continuity |7. Ownership structure |
|2. Balance sheet |8. Acquisition |
|3. Capital funds |9. Operating margins |
|4. Corporate governance |10. Minority shareholder’s interest |
|5. Global competitive strategy |11. Independent directors |
|6. Due diligence process |12. Economic crisis |

2. Strategy, Governance and Business Insights, and Lessons from the Case: In this case, there are several points that we should learn in corporate governance. First,every part in the board should be independent, even other agents. They should take the responsibility for their works. Second, the board and shareholders need to communicate. They should exchage their ideas and come out with the decisions that lie in the whole company's interests. Third, the company should pay much attention to the constituents of corporate governance, which includes independent directors, board meetings and code of conduct, business ethics, succession of chief executives, company performance, risk management, and oversight. In addition, the company should improve the ability to implement and follow the legal provisions. Last, government can provide great help in guiding and financing the company.

3. Decisions for the Primary Decision Maker: Raju made several decisions according to the case. First, Raju decided to found Satyam Computer Services, which developed quickly and became a great…...

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