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Darryl Lovendino
20 April at 07:53 ·
Maligayang ika-dalawampung araw ng abril!
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Darryl Lovendino
7 April at 10:01 ·
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Darryl Lovendino
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Waka Flocka Flame uploaded a new video.

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Solo Kun Hahahaha naimaine ko po kayooo XD
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Darryl Lovendino
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7 March ·
Trust Me, I'm a "Psychologist"'s photo.
Trust Me, I'm a "Psychologist" tweet it @trustpsychology

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2 March · iOS ·

Drugs As Tools For Spirituality
"The program is a voyage chart, a series of signals, which, like the pilot’s radio provides the basic orienting information required for the “trip.” - Timoth...
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Darryl Lovendino
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Darryl Lovendino
21 February ·
New look mogs. Edward
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In a relationship with Jun Ji-Hyun
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...Apparel, if any. Team T-Shirt believes the higher quality shirts will attract customers along with its softer feel and flattering fit. For designs that are not based on classic popular culture, the consumer is likely to get confused and reluctant to purchase a t-shirt with an unfamiliar tagline. Team T-Shirt will minimize this through stratifying its categories so that there is a higher possibility of a match occurring between the consumer’s preference and the product offerings. Without legal intellectual property protection, it is going to be difficult fending off “copycats” from mimicking the t-shirt designs and selling them at a reduced rate to exploit the trend of the moment. However, Team T-Shirt will not rely solely upon legal protection; rather, it will focus its efforts on research and development, designing innovative and unique products that are not available anywhere else. By the time copycats are mimicking the designs and going to their manufacturers, Team T-Shirt also expects to go to the manufacturer, but with a brand new design. This “one step ahead” mechanism will ensure that Team T-Shirt constantly stays abreast of trends....

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Is Copycat Unethical brands and products. The first genre of products being called copycat was electronics, back to year 2006. The copycatting iPhones were produced by some local workshops in southern China, with almost same functions and specifications, but ridiculously low price and a different while similar brand name, such as aPhone, lPhone. It then speedily became popular throughout the whole mainland China. Later the phenomenon stretched out to more industries and fields, such as shoes, cloths, backpacks, autos etc. Even faster, copycatting has shaped a new innovation culture and starts to have a commercial impact on the market. At the same time, it has become a controversial topic throughout the whole world. Critics and arguments spring up from people in developed countries like America and Europe. They keep complaining and criticizing that existence of copycats dramatically damages their protection of intellectual property rights. They claim that it is an unethical effrontery. It is true that some copycatting products may have some issues on intellectual property, but this is mainly because the legal system and environment of China is still very weak while compared to developed countries. Since different countries have different rules in intellectual property protection area, it’s hard to come up a fair legal discussion. However, in the view of morality, I wouldn’t agree at all that copycats are not ethical. Although these copycatting products have similar......

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...perform it best to secure its future. Further in this essay will be focusing on Samsung keys development to its success and SWOT analysis of this company. There are a number of key factors that drive Samsung to this stage. Firstly, In 1969 Samsung-Sanyo Electronics was established and Samsung’s first black and white TV was manufactured. This was a significant change to the company as TV was new to the market and its future profit was uncertain. Later in 1972, Samsung try domestic production of black and white TV and it reached its 4 millionth TV in 1978. Second factor is the diversification of its product throughout 1980s. Samsung manufacture many new appliances such as air-conditions and microwaves. In the 1990s, Samsung claim to be ‘copycat’ in electronic market (Kotler and Armstrong, 2012). Even with that claim, Samsung still manufacture future to people life such as world’s first 64Mb DRAM (Dynamic random access memory) in 1992, worlds first 128Mb flash memory in 1998 and worlds first 32 GB SSDs (Solid state drive) in 2006. Last factor is its new management style. Kotler and Armstrong (2012) state that Samsung fast expansion due to Lee Byung-Chull’s management. He used what the company call “Wow test” to check product quality before it reaches the actual market. This is the reason behind Samsung success and expansion. Looking at Samsung’s internal aspects there are number of features which can result in both positive (Strengths) and negative (Weaknesses) impact to the......

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...or form to think that a product they did not make is theirs. References Gruver, K., Meachem, M., & Tage, S. (2011). Deciding to fight or play in the private-label arena. Retrieved from play-in-the-private-label-arena-bain-brief.aspx Hauptman, J. (2009). The four pillars of a successful retailer private label program. Retrieved from Rusch, R. (2002). Private labels: Does branding matter? Retrieved from www.brandchannel. com/features_effect.asp?pf_id=94 Store Brands Decisions. (2011). Procter & Gamble Sues German Private Label Soapmaker for Copycat Design. Retrieved from 07/12/procter-and-gamble-sues-german-private-label-soapmaker-for-copycat-design...

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Samsung Case Study

...1. How was Samsung able to go from copycat brand to product leader? Samsung was able to go from copycat brand to product leader by using a “new product development” strategy (Kotler and Armstrong, p.261). According to Kotler/Armstrong new product development is defined as the development of original products, product improvements, product modification, and new brand through the firm’s own product development. In 1993, the CEO and chairperson, Lee Kung Hee decided to revamp the company’s management because he was not content to remain the best of the knock-off brands. Rather, he set high goals (to become the biggest consumer electronics company and to surpass Sony) and established a strategic plan to accomplish those goals. Samsung accomplished its goals in less than two decades. The first step that he took was idea generation. He hired a “fresh new crop” of young designers to produce new ideas that could get the company in the direction that he wanted it. Sleek, bold and beautiful products were the aim so that they could target high-end users to the company. Next idea screen was also implemented in the development stage. Each product had to pass the “Wow” test otherwise; it would have to go back to the drawing board for further improvement Samsung then went a step further by testing new product concepts. From Blu-Ray players that changed colors, Eco-fit monitors with transparent stands that gave the appearance of a floating monitor, to a small Pebble MP3 player......

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“the Media Are More of a Hindrance Than a Help to the Police in Combating Crime”. Discuss. maximise audience revenue to get money and to entertain via means of print, audio, visual and social media. Whereas, the police are the primary protection for the public for fears of crime and disorder. These conflicting roles both agencies hold within society demonstrates why their relationship can be equally rewarding and challenging. Focusing mostly on television, this essay shall cover other types of media and also, literature evidence from the past fifty years to identify how the portrayal of the police by the media has changed and how these changes have influenced the public’s attitudes towards the police. We shall also touch upon the moral panic model and the idea that the media glamorises crime which potentially encourages ‘copycat’ offences. There have been numerous police dramas and reality police shows (since the early 1950’s) that have been presented and approved by the corporation of the police. Police dramas have been termed as ‘the eternal struggle between good and evil’ (, 2013). In general, the perception of the police on television has shown to be positive ‘with the cops normally catching the robbers’ (Croall, 2005). However, the police have been subject to media investigations of corruption, incompetence and racism to name a few. Thus, causing the image of the police to change from being one-dimensional with a wider range of police characters (Croall, 2005). Reiner (1992) claimed that the media characterises four specific......

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Emerging Markets: from Copycats to Innovators

...“Emerging Markets: From Copycats to Innovators   Introduction Some of us are aware, especially those who are tech geek like I am, that, Tech companies are notorious for copying each other’s products and services, essentially “stealing” ideas. While some consumers get frustrated with companies releasing copycat products, the reality is that this game of one-upmanship results in better services for the consumer. Just to cite a few examples, according to P. Baumgartner (2008). “Don’t knock copy-cat innovation, it fuels the real stuff” at, “Google wanted a more networking-friendly Facebook, so it created Google+. Apple’s team wanted its own navigation app, so it onced tried Google Maps. Facebook didn’t want to miss out on Snapchat-sized success, so it created Poke”. The bottomline is competition. While companies squable to get to to the top spot, they have to generate fresh, dynamic ideas to get the consumer’s attention. In competition, copying, repackaging, or rebranding, innovating or recreating is part of the game. The good news is that they all wind up, somehow to taking their costs down and subsequently their prices down as well. The winner is that company who have low cost input who could do mass production and move its inventory faster than the other. While companies battle head to head for the top spot, the ultimate winner is watching, waiting for that product of top quality and gives great value to the pocket – the customers like you and......

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...WORK BASED ASSIGNMENT PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT PRESENTED TO: MR.OYIENGO COURSE CODE: CCM100 KENYA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT. NAME:DAISY SUSAN OTIENO ADM NO:42689 SESSION:MORNING(10:30-12:00). TITLE: THE IMPACT OF POLITICAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL ENVIRONMENT ON THE OPERATIONS OF AN ORGANIZATION (copycat limited). INTRODUCTION; The copycat limited is a non-profit organization which deals with marketing,sales,networking nd exchange of information communication products. Evidently over the years,there has been considerable,infact vast advancement technologically.consequently there has had to be on the edge. This has been observed in the organization as it has picked up over the years since its inception in the late 80’s.Huge and bulky products and devices have been replaced with much less in size gadgets which are more efficient. HISTORY Copycat limited is a private company that was started in 1992 and started as sales and marketing organization and continually established itself as an ICT hub dealing with both products and services.Its situated along Bunyala –Baricho road along the infamous Mombasa road.Its the main headquarters with branches in Kisumu and Eldoret with others in the large East Africa in Tanzania and Uganda. OPERATIONS Generally there are 3 categories: 1. Cultural 2. Political 3. Technological Cultural and Political forces influence international marketing activity. CULTURAL 1)Language :This refers to the......

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How Was Samsung Able to Go from Copycat Brand to a Product Leader

...BAB 11 KEYNESIAN: KETEGARAN UPAH DAN HARGA (WAGE AND PRICE RIGIDITY) 1. PENDAPAT KEYNESIAN ▪ Ahli ekonomi kumpulan Keynesian merasa pesimis atau tidak yakin kepada kebolehan pasaran bebas untuk menyelaras dengan cepat dan cekap apabila berhadapan dengan kejutan. ▪ Keynesian mempercayai upah dan harga adalah rigid dan liat (wages and prices are rigid or sticky) dan tidak mudah diselaras untuk membersih pasaran (mencapai keseimbangan). ▪ Ini memberi implikasi bahawa ekonomi mungkin tidak berada dalam keadaan keseimbangan dalam jangka masa yang lama. ▪ Sebagai contoh, kemelesetan yang hebat merupakan satu keadaan ketakseimbangan dimana terdapat pengangguran yang tinggi ( penawaran buruh > permintaan buruh. ▪ Kerajaan perlu bertindak atau campur tangan untuk menghapuskan atau meminimum keadaan ekonomi dimana output rendah dan kadar pengangguran tinggi. 2. KETEGARAN UPAH BENAR (REAL-WAGE RIGIDITY) ▪ A nalisis dan dasar Keynesian bergantung kepada andaian bahawa upah dan harga tidak meyelaras dengan cepat untuk membersih pasaran. ▪ Keynesian membincangkan isu ketegaran upah kerana mereka tidak bersetuju dengan penerangan ahli ekonomi Klasik mengenai pengangguran. ▪ Mengikut prendapat Klasik, pengangguran ( semasa kemelesetan disebabkan oleh pengangguran geseran dan struktur Mengikut pendapat Keynesian , semasa kemelesetan terdapat keadaan di mana pekerja secara akif mencari pekerjaan dan majikan pula mencari pekerja. Tetapi,......

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Intellectual Property Rights and the Pharmaceutical Industry

...need. Generic medicines and copycat drugs are not always the answer for those seeking an alternative to a patent-protected drug. Generics, independently developed drugs that contain the same active substance as the original brand-name drug, are marketed in accordance with patent law and identified either by their own brand name or by their internationally approved nonproprietary scientific name. Copycat drugs usually simply copy the original drug manufacturer in the countries with weak intellectual property protection. Patented drugs often have passed much more rigorous licensing requirements than so-called generics. Why "so-called"? Because not all drugs that claim to be so are identical and not all are subject to the stringent inspection process that guarantees that they contain the same amount of active ingredients and work in the same way. Manufacturers of some of these drugs have not had to invest in the extensive testing required of the research-based industry even before their drug can be marketed. Of course, there are many reliable manufacturers of generic drugs. The United States, for instance, has a thriving generic drug industry, fully regulated and inspected by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Building on the enormous investment already made by the research-based pharmaceutical industry, copycat drugs can lower drug prices, but they do nothing to guarantee that new drugs will be available when they are needed. Copycat drugs do nothing to ensure that...

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Micro Chips Consolidated Statement of Operations for the Year Ended September 25, 2008

...drugs, generic competition is about as welcome as a virus. In the first year that a generic competitor goes on the market, a brand-name drug loses on average more than half of its market share, and its price drops with each new generic company that produces a copycat, May 2005 study said. So companies that are about to face that competition have big incentives to delay the entry of new generics to the market -- and to erect obstacles to switching to the cheaper upstarts. Even a few months' delay in a generic's entry can salvage billions in revenue for the makers of a blockbuster pioneer drug. The makers of brand-name pharmaceuticals also have powerful levers to maintain their exclusive hold on the market for their drug, or to staunch the loss of customers. They can slow FDA approval of a generic by filing "citizens' petitions." And they can lobby for state laws that would forbid switching patients from a brand-name drug to a generic without, say, the express approval of the prescribing doctor. Citizens' petitions were designed to allow the public -- including consumers and watchdog groups -- to question the bioequivalence of a proposed generic or dispute a generic firm's capacity or legal right to produce a copycat drug. When filed, a citizens' petition triggers an obligatory FDA review of the issues raised -- a process that can delay a generic's approval by months or even years. Citizens' petitions are now overwhelmingly filed by or on behalf of brand-name companies,......

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...MNGT350 Chapter 3 Homework Yuwei Zhang, Han Yang September 15, 2014 1. Review the principles of competitive advantage in Figure 3-7. Which types of competitive advantage has BOSU used to defeat copycat products? Answer: BOSU has used some types of competitive advantages to defeat copycat products such as creating new products, locking in customers and buyers, establishing alliances with trainers and raising market entry barriers. 2. What role did information systems play in your answer to question 1? Answer: Information systems play a significant role in BOSU’s success. BOSU uses database for email and postal correspondence so that it can create and maintain a close relationship with customers. This information system helps BOSU lock in customers, establish alliances, raise market entry barriers and reduce costs. By using Fitness Quest of trainer data, BOSU develops a crucial marketing strategy and gets a big success. 3. What additional information systems could Fitness Quest develop to create barriers to entry to the competition and to lock in customers? Answer: There are many ways that could be used to create barriers to entry to the competition and to lock in customers. One way Fitness Quest can use is enhancing the products by using the information system. Fitness Quest can provide a chat room for BOSU buyers to express their opinions and feelings about BOSU trainers. Also, customers can track the specific workout information and share their......

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Financial Analysis

...CHAPTER IV FINANCIAL STUDY A. Introduction Scenarios that arise in the entirety of the project which were identified during the course of the study will now be verified from a financial point of view to assess its viability. The financial study section informs the reader of the possible outcomes of its operations. The different Financial Statements coupled with analysis help determine the overall financial prospect and desirability of organizing and operating Copycat Photocopy Center. B. Major Assumptions The project adopted the following assumptions to come up with its financial projections: 1. Contingency Fund The excess of PhP 21,219.60 from total partners’ initial contribution shall be treated as contingency fund which shall be used in case of emergency. 2. Revenues Generally, the basis for the computation of Revenues was derived from the total produced short bond paper photocopies from both photocopy machines. Increase in revenues is 20% annually which is based on the percentage increase in production. 3. Expenses The following assumptions were made regarding expenses incurred: a. Advertising Expense Advertising Expense will only be seen upon the commencement of operations amounting to PhP 212.50. b. Delivery Expense PhP 150.00 delivery fee to be paid quarterly (4 times a year) was quoted by the supplier of the materials used in production with no given increase in percentage. c. Depreciation Expense The straight......

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The Contagion Effect

...THE CONTAGION EFFECT Contagion refers to a situation whereby individuals and groups prone to violence copycat the crimes popularized by the mass media. Theories The contagion theories have been rejected and forwarded in matters pertaining to terrorism and the effects of mass media. Some scholars have denied a relationship that could be termed as cause-effect. There has been literature that has implicated the media as responsible for the effect of contagion when it has come to terrorism violence but these claims have proved to be unsubstantiated. However it is to be pointed out that the media’s reporting or non-reporting of terrorism does show evidence of contagion effect that is brought about by the coverage. To be more specific, there was shorter lag time emulation for example in the cases of hijackings, kidnapping, assassinations and bombings when it came to television coverage. This was realized by scholars (Weimann and Winn) The pros and cons with regards to the contagion effects are that the media on one hand can help to curb terrorism by showing the world how terrorism destroys and the international community can respond strongly against the terrorists. The downside is that terrorists through the media have a platform to air their propaganda to other likeminded individuals in the society. To some extent, the terrorist’s tactics are effective and the media deals with this by not highlighting their propaganda in the news. The U.S being a leading super power can......

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Markting you think they are important?  Copycat Products At present, there are many copycat products in market which are important problems. Thus, it should be solved that may effort to manuscript and consumer such as price, misunderstand, quality and circulation. First of all, we can clearly see that price of goods is significant to choose buying a product because price is different of two products but the body looks like at the same. For example, shampoo brand of head and shoulders and boots look like at the same the body and qualification but price is different of head and shoulders $4.79 and boots $2.2. Thus, some customer might need cheap goods price. Because it may have attribute which some customer accept more than brand. Secondly, misunderstand in products look like at the same which some consumer thinks at the same. For example, sparking water of Dr.pepper and Dr.publix which in supermarket, it will be in the same shelf that some consumer have bought one by mistake. Moreover, factor of quality is essential consumer. Take quality as the example, flavor of sparking water which it can’t make at the same. They may like it or don’t like it which it is effecting to circulation. At last, circulation of products is important which it is effect to original product because copycat product will be market share. Thus, if marketplaces have a lot of copycat products, it will decrease circulation of original product. Because some people accept copycat product such as price, quality......

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