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Contingency Theory of Leadership
Bus 210
February 13, 2015
Charles May

Contingency Theory of Leadership
Contingency Theory of Leadership

Description of work envi-ronment
The work environment I will describe is my last em-ployer. I was on the Project Management team for construction. Our goal was to build project timelines for builders and developers in a timely manner by following a timeline we provide depending on a number of variables. Our goal is to have the project complete by the time it was promised as well as provide great service.

In the table below, categorize different leadership approaches that could be used in the work environment you have described. Provide different suggestions for each of the four approaches to leadership.

Directive approach Supportive approach
This approach is when a manager or leader gives his/her employees tasks and tells them exactly how to perform a task. I can see this approach being use-ful with departments such as Customer Service. This approach is usually seen in training classes.

I feel this was an important part of me learning more about the company, how it operated, and how to navigate within the different systems.

I have experienced this approach when I was first hired on to the company and was told what my responsibilities were as a Project Manager and how to navi-gate within our system.

With the supportive approach, it is when a manager would give his/her subordi-nates the tools necessary for them to be successful and help them along the way.

This approach is very helpful when an employee is brand new to the company and learning a new system. It is also helpful when teaching new ways of how to do a task, new systems, and/or if an employee is not certain on what they are doing and needs more training until they are confident.

This approach was used when the Pro-ject…...

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