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MDSE 3750
Consumer Studies Semester Project

Objectives: * To provide students with the opportunity to apply course concepts and ideas to a specific brand/product * Develop your team building, * Refine time management skills, * Apply written and oral communication skills.

Procedures: Groups and Brand Selection 1. Groups of three people will be formed. You will have a window of opportunity to select your own group; students not selecting a group will be placed in one.

* Sign-up Deadline: Midnight, September 24 * All student not in a group by the time Dr. Kinley logs on September 25 will be placed into a group.

2. You will be asked to select a brand (of product or store) to focus on for the semester. 3. Once groups are formed, students will submit their “top 3” list in the Bb Discussion Board, which will open on September 25. Dr. Kinley will make the final selections for each group. Your Top 3 should be in order of preference.
**** NOTE: This discussion board will be in the “Discussion” menu-item on the left-menu of Bb. DO NOT POST YOUR PREFRENCES IN YOUR GROUP DISCUSSION BOARD.

After the brand/product is selected, your group will focus on that specific product and relate it to all concepts we discuss in class. Your team will keep a running wiki of how each chapter’s materials relate to the product (starting with Text Chapter 3). In some chapters, there will be more to discuss than others. Your job is to, as a group, discuss what was covered in class and the book and write how it relates to your product. It is not necessary to discuss every vocabulary word or concept from each chapter. Rather, I would like you to evaluate how the concepts relate to your product, and write a summary of how and why it is important. If you have illustrations from commercials or advertising to…...

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...GROUP 7B: PEARS CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR PROJECT GROUP MEMBERS Gaurav Jain (B10079) Kapil Dhanania (B10083) Riddhi Mazumdar (B10104) Sahil Ahuja (B10105) Souvik Halder (B10112) Sulabh Govila (B10113) Contents PEARS BRAND HISTORY 3 Change in 2009: 4 OBJECTIVE 4 PEARS POSITIONING: A MANAGEMENT PERSPECTIVE 5 Pears Brand Manager: Insights from Interview 6 NEED RECOGNITION: 8 Insights from customer interactions: 8 Company Recommendations 9 INFORMATION SEARCH: 10 Insights from customer interactions: 10 Recommendations for company: 10 EVALUATION OF ALTERNATIVES: 12 Insights from customer interactions: 12 Recommendations for company: 13 PRODUCT CHOICE 15 Insights from customer interaction: 15 Company Recommendations 16 APPENDIX 18 PEARS BRAND HISTORY Pears transparent soap is a brand of soap first produced and sold in 1789 by Andrew Pears at a factory just off Oxford Street in London, England. It was the world's first transparent soap. According to Unilever records, Pears Soap was the world's first registered brand and is therefore the world's oldest brand. Launched in India in 1902, Pears exuberates a long heritage of purity and pristine. Pears soap is now made in India by Hindustan Lever a company in which Unilever controls a fifty-two percent stake. Pears Pure & Gentle: It is enriched with pure glycerine and natural oils that gently moisturize skin to keep it smooth while its mild fragrance and...

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