Construction Industry Career Path - Why Do You Deserve to Succeed?

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When I first came to the University, I always knew that I wanted to end up in the construction industry and found myself stepping foot in the doors of the College of Engineering. I have since become very passionate about the program. I have always enjoyed the industry as it is competitive, aggressive, and filled with many hard-working people who love what they do. Construction is about safety, innovation, management, technology, and growth. I believe that I possess all of the essential characteristics and qualities that will allow me to easily excel in this industry. Construction never quits, and neither do I.

When I attended my first career fair as a sophomore, I did not expect much than to step my foot in the door. After weeks of preparation and studying the basics of setting yourself apart from the competition, I was able to receive my first internship with a building company. I have been with them for the past two summers doing project management for an $8 million community project. I have since returned to working with them for a third internship this summer. My time in the field has allowed me to effectively apply my classroom knowledge to real world situations and for that I am grateful.

I believe that as a student and member of the Engineering College, I have managed to stand out from my colleagues as a passionate individual. By getting involved on campus, within the college, and also the community I have been able to pick up many skills of varying levels. My leadership positions have given me the knowledge and expertise of management that I will soon use upon graduation in the construction industry. After graduation, I expect to stay in the commercial construction industry and use the skills that I have learned here in these past few years. In doing so, I hope that other young men and women will be more involved within the construction…...

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