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Consent form for a child study
About the child study:
In Metropolitan university of London level four, we are supposed to do a child study for a course about children’s development on early years. This form will tell you about the child study and ask for your permission to observe her.

The purpose of the child study is to merely show my understanding of child development and understanding some basic theories linked to it. Therefore I won’t be using the child’s or setting’s real name or any other information which could make recognizing the child possible. Also if there will be pictures I will personally make sure to get rid of them safely and I will make sure the child’s face will stay hidden. I won’t be using my own equipment to take pictures either, merely the ones provided in the setting.

What child study:
I am supposed to do minimum eight observations based on your child’s development using different ways of observations. You will have an access to see them if you wish to. The child study will be presented in a class as a 10 minute presentation for a small group of other students and two tutors who will be giving the final grade for it.

If you wish to give me your consent to observe your child for this purpose I would be really thankful. You can always withdraw your consent if you want.

I give my consent for this child study and understand what is it about and accept the conditions stated above:

Name and signature of the parent/s:

This consent form won’t be shown to anyone but the tutors who will just quickly check I have…...

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