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Computers are becoming common in family and hence children have more time using the computers. In other words, it takes children an increasing amount of time on computers. Nevertheless,some studies suggest that children are affected a lot in negative aspect by using computers excessively. The essay will explain the effect of computer use on children, focusing on children’s physical health, psychological health and development.

Being exposed to computer for prolonged periods is harmful for children’s physical health. Children’s muscles are likely to be injured since the design of computer use workstation is not suitable for children (Shields&Behrman,2001). In addition, children may be overweight when using computers for extended periods of time and hence the possibility of obesity is increased. As children spend their time playing computer games instead of doing some physical exercises, their body can easily get weaker. More than two hundred people suffer injury from excessive computer use, which is reported by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Shields&Behrman,2001).

The psychological health is also be negatively affected by excessive computer use. An in-depth analysis about the effects on children suggests that children who are addicted to computers often feel lonely and depressed (Shields& Behrman, 2001), because they have little time communicating with other people. The research on violent computer games suggests that playing such games is related with increased aggression (Subrahmanyam et al, 2001). Even children just play for a brief period, and there still exist a short-term effect (Subrahmanyam et al, 2001).

The excessive use of computer can have harmful impact on children’s development. It is because children spend much time using the computers that they form electronic friendships instead of human friendships…...

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