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Competitor Analysis is an online retailer that offers discounted brand name, non-brand name, and closeout merchandise from surplus inventories of manufacturers and retailers. The company currently employees 1,300 employees at a growth rate of 13.3%. Some of the products that has in their inventories includes: Books, CD’s, DVD’s, Video Games, furniture, clothing & shoes, Office Supplies, electronics, home & garden, jewelry, sporting goods, and health & beauty products. Since its inception in 2007, has reported yearly net losses due to high operating costs. In total, earned $1.05 billion in revenue for FY 2010 which was an increase of 23.4% from the previous year. In terms of liquidity, the company has $12.66 million in operating cash flow. The composition of net sales is approximately 18.4% for the Direct Segment and 80.8% of net sales for Fulfillment Partner Business. The direct segment refers to sales directly to individual consumers from certain offline channels and’s leased warehouses, where purchased surplus inventory is stored and re-sold at a premium on the website. The Fulfillment Partner Business segment refers a 3rd party liaison between customers in search of low prices and retailers & manufacturers that are looking to liquidate. The company’s strengths includes: strong branding and excellent marketing via TV, radio, and print. The company’s weaknesses includes: 1) Poor global economic conditions have affected consumer demand for the kind of goods that sells. 2) spends large sums of money on search engine promotion since search engines such as Google have become the increasingly popular way of searching for merchandise versus an established platform such as Amazon.

WalMart Inc.
WalMart Inc. is the world’s largest retailer and grocery…...

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