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Competitive Strategies and Government Policies
Thursday, September 05, 2013
J. Carl Bowman

Competitive Strategies and Government Policies
This essay will recognize the effect of changes in the real-world competitive government policies and the environment of the automobile industries. The paper will anticipate similar events occurring in other countries in the automobile industry. Recognize sustainability of profits, pricing, and mergers; conglomerate, vertical, or familiar-horizontal. Evaluate expected government policies, regulations, current government policies, and taxes concerning externalities. Address issues of global competition as it relates to rules of management, labor demands, unions, supply, employee relations, and regulations in the automobile industry.
Policies and Regulations
The current and expected government policies and regulations within the automobile industry have a big focus on safety. The government is enforcing several safety regulations in the automobile industry across the United States. The government’s responsibility in the automobile industry is to make sure automobiles meet the safety standards (Basu). For example, it is a requirement that automobiles have a rear view mirror in order for a driver to see angles. Another safety regulation is the air pollution. The government is continuing to make changes in the automobile industry to help reduce the air pollution to save the environment. The government has smog laws to help reduce the air pollution caused by automobile emissions (Basu). Most people who own a car will have to follow these laws to keep their vehicle on the road. There are several government policies and regulations that will occur in the automobile industry for the future. Each year a new make and model of an automobile is introduced and some vehicles are made so fast to where there are…...

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