Compare and Contrast Fresh and Salt Water Fishing

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As an avid shore fisherman who enjoys fishing, I have the unique opportunity to choose between two similar, but two very different, types of fishing. These two types of fishing are fresh water fishing and salt water fishing. With that being said, in the state where I reside, there are two distinct attitudes towards fishing. There are those anglers who prefer fresh water fishing, and there are those anglers who prefer salt water fishing. Both types of fishing ultimately deal with utilizing a fishing pole, fishing line and bait (or a fishing lure) to catch fish. However, in the same way they are similar; in contrast, they are both very much different. In a fresh water lake, the water rises with the amount of rainfall and falls due to evaporation and drainage; on the other hand, ocean the water rises and falls with the lunar tide. Unlike fresh water fishing, where an angler would use “lighter” fishing tackle due to catching smaller fish, salt water fishing requires much “heavier” tackle due to the vast difference in size from fresh water fish to salt water fish. For instance, the State record for a fresh water largemouth bass caught in a lake is 10 pounds 14 ounces; whereas, a Great White shark can weigh more then a car! So as you can see, although fresh water fishing and salt water fishing are similar, in some ways, they are very much different.

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