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Question 1 (a) i. Motorola Company
‘To be the leading product provider of innovative products that meets the expanding needs of customers around the world’
There are a lot of customers around the world, thus there’ll have different needs and wants demand by customers. Motorola would like to be the leading product provider. So, it has to be a product provider that can provide innovative products for all the customers in orders to fulfill what have been demand by the them. It can complete its tasks through the providing portfolio of technologies, solving method and services. ii. Honda Company
"Maintaining a global viewpoint, we are dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality, yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction."
Its mission statement is also known as their company principle. Honda company is trying to offer products at sensible price for customers in orders to fulfill customers’ contentment. It will offer the highest quality product in sequence to maintaining the global viewpoint. If the Honda management team works accordingly to the Management Policies it will definitely lead the company to achieve their mission in future. So, we now can see that Honda Company has a lot of brunches at all around the world in order to expand their business. iii. AirAsia
“Create a globally recognized ASEAN brand”
AirAsia provide the cheapest ticket that can let traveler travel to any Asian destination compare to other air line company. It is trying to attain lower fare tickets to let everyone can fly with AirAsia. AirAsia provide flight to Middle East destination. Besides, this company also provides flight to Australia, to two European and so on. AirAsia has good customer service, traveler can buy tickets from Asian country where they want to flight to with the special offer that provided by AirAsia.

Question 1 (b)

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