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Divergent Approaches of Development

Criteria | HOPE | TEV INTERNATIONAL | Context | 1. Primary focus wastowards preventive health care and education. 2. Area of work was Gambia, an African nation. | 1. The primary focus was to improve the field crop yield for farmers at grassroots level. 2. Area of work was Africa especially Ethiopian nations. | Problem | 1. Recognition of significant deterioration of general health and community wellbeing by specific members of the local community. 2. With worsening of the situation and increase in the health needs HOPE was invited by the local community to help them regarding the healthcare and education problems. | 1. Problems were identified by the local level govt. before the arrival of TEV. 2. TEV themselves conducted a situation analysis and need assessment on behalf of the community. 3. Local level govt. invited TEV to work on the agriculture practices. | Approach | 1. Bottom-up approach, using grassroots. 2. Mainly focused on the strength and solutions which lie within the community itself. 3. More priority towards collaborative approach than reliance on external financial and institutional support. 4. Identification and proper utilisation of local resources. 5. More preferences to Gambian organisational and institutions over external agencies. 6. Long term sustainable approach incorporating natural environment, education, and wellbeing of the community. 7. Critical thinking was the most effective approach to the learning and self-discovery. 8. Shared learning experience about communities’ ideas and knowledge helped to move forward. | 1. Focus and specialisation In applied research, information dissemination and documentation, formal trainings and media promotions. 2. More reliance on information both from…...

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...My Community John Jr June, 2011 Shepherdsville, Kentucky is where my community is. We have a very small community but pretty much very easy going. There are some issues around my community that may have racism issues such as, gender, looks, or speech in school or sometime even with jobs on who and when someone can work somewhere. These are really little problems that we have and if you ever visited you would see this as well. In my community the members that live near me do look like me in many ways. Mostly because I live in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, that are all white skinned that lives around me. Most of the people who are in my community are females, which is weird because you would think it would be even. Now we are also different in my community because some of us are short, tall, fat, skinny, have brown hair or even have blond hair. I know my son has blond hair and I have brown. We look a like but the hair color is completely different. The leaders that we have in our society actually treat people like me very well. We get respected just like others who do not look like me. There is not a lot of racism in my community compared to other places. There is an issue in school with bullying but its basically picking on anyone and not just one individual who may be different. Our leaders look at our society as we are all the same time of person. I believe that others in my community treat people like me the same that they would treat their......

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...concepts……………………………………………………………………...3 Similarities and differences…………………………………………………………………….5 Strengths and weaknesses…………………………………………………………………….6 Conclusion……………………………………………………………………………………….6 Reference list…………………………………………………………………………………….7 3 Critically compare and contrast community psychology with the public health approach Introduction In this essay, I will critically compare and contrast community psychology and the public health model in terms of their origins, core concepts, strengths and pitfalls of each approach, similarities and differences and in what way these approaches do or do not supplement one another. Community Psychology according to The Cambridge Dictionary of Psychology is defined as “a branch of applied psychology that focuses on person-environment interactions usually at the level of the community and is aimed at improving the general quality of life within a community” (Matsumoto, 2009). The Public Health model also consists of efforts to improve the health of communities and according to The Acheson Report, is defined as “the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organised efforts of society” (Department of health, 1998). History and core concepts Community psychology in South Africa followed a very close development likened to the American development and gained its momentum at a time where social disorder was present due to the lack of credible resources and treatment facilities. A shift in......

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...Activity No. 1 Interview a community health nurse using the questioner on community health nursing. Additionally, request the community health nurse to accomplish the checklist on the awareness of the roles and functions of a community health nurse. QUESTIONNAIRE FOR THE COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSE As a Community Health Nurse, please answer the questions as briefly and candidly as possible. 1. What are some difficulties/problems that you have encountered in the performance of your roles/duties? As a community nurse, there are a lot of problems that I encountered. These are the following: * Lack of health facilities and equipment’s * Facilitating change in client behaviour when dealing with them. * Different illnesses encountered * Family problem * Financial crisis 2. What are your suggestions to improve your performance and your workplace? My suggestions to improve my performance and my workplace are that I need to have patients in dealing with people, initiative in doing services and care. A nurse must be cheerful whenever problems arise. Most of all a nurse must ask guidance to the Heavenly Father in decision making and task to do. 3. Please fill up the checklist below by checking the box which indicates your corresponding roles and functions as a Community Health Nurse. ROLES | CN | HC | CB | ED | CL | AV | MG | RS | Provide knowledge, skills, and attitude | | | | | | | | | Bring together strengths and......

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...Community Impact: Health Reference Imagine a world where everyone lives in a healthy community that improves quality of life. Access to healthy food, quality health care, financial education, and a supportive educational system enables all Passaic County residents of all ages (children, teenagers, adults and seniors) to thrive, and lead healthy lifestyles. United way of Passaic County understands the socioeconomic and community-level factors that contribute to health outcomes. Our work is helping to create healthier communities as well as motivating individuals in our community to take steps to a healthier life. Inspiring the community to engage, mobilize and volunteer around health issues, we're working to improve nutrition and support healthy lifestyles for youth and adults. Learn About the Issue • 18% of low-income preschool children (ages 2 – 5 years) in New Jersey are obese. • Across the state, 15.4% of children (ages 10 – 17) are obese and only 29.1% of children (ages 6 -17) participate in vigorous physical activity every day. • Almost 30% of New Jerseyans report no leisure-time physical activity or consumption of fruits and vegetables. • The leading causes of ill-health in Passaic County are diet-related chronic illnesses such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. • The cost of food locally, in particular for fresh vegetables and fruits, has increased by almost......

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...ASSESSING THE CHALLENGES OF TAX REVENEUE MOBILISATION IN GHANA: A CASE OF SUNYANI MUNICIPALITY. By EGYIN, KODWO BOAKYE (PG 2043808) A Thesis submitted to the Institute Of Distance Learning, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of COMMONWEALTH EXECUTIVE MASTERS OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION JUNE, 2011 1 DECLARATION I hereby declare that this submission is my own work towards the CEMBA and that, to the best of my knowledge, it contains no material previously published by another person nor material which has been accepted for the award of any other degree of the University, except where due acknowledgement has been made in the text. Kodwo Boakye Egyin Student Name ................................... Signature .............................. Date Certified by: Mr. Jones Lewis Arthur Supervisor ................................... Signature .............................. Date Certified by: Professor Isaac Dontwi Dean ................................... Signature .............................. Date 2 DEDICATION I dedicate this work first to the Almighty God who has brought me this far, to my father, Kwamina Akwaa Egyin, who mentored me through my education, my loving wife, Yvonne, my sweet kids, Papa Akwaa, Araba and Kurankwesi who stayed by my side all along. 3 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I am most grateful to the Almighty God for His protection throughout the course and seeing to a successful end. My......

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... 2 2 APPLICATION OF THE PRINCIPLES OF COMMUNITY PSYCHOLOGY 2-4 2.1POVERTY 2 2.2PREVENTION 2 2.3CHANGE 2 2.4EMPOWERMENT 3 2.5INDIVIDUAL WELNESS 3 2.6CITIZEN PARTICIPATION 3 2.7COLLABORATION AND COMMUNITY STRENGHT 3 2.8SENSE OF COMMUNITY 4 3 CONCLUSION 4 REFERENCES 4 1. INTRODUCTION Communities are complex and term “community can be defined in a diverse manner. Thomton and Ramphele in Terre Blanch, Butchart and Seedat(2002) [provides......

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...web of interrelated knowledge and understanding that makes up who I am at this moment. I can only describe a process, the best process I know of that has developed my aspirations, desires, and subconscious tendencies. The one process that has defined who I was and became, has been football. I played football all through middle and high school. I started playing it as just another sport. I was always a very active kid, and played as many different sports as I could. Originally I loved the fast pace of the game, and that it afforded me a chance to hit other kids without penalty. Over the years, however, football came to mean more to me than a free-for-all arena. Especially by the time I entered high school, football was a community: the most important community in my life. Simply through getting up early day after day in the summer for grueling 2-a-days, and continuing that effort to just show up, battered and bruised, day after day, to get better and help my teammates achieve success, I forged myself a niche. The wind sprints, bag drills, lifting sessions, and hitting drills were, in a way, ways to achieve a sense of place for myself that I could feel like I earned, and that people respected. Not only was I working with others to achieve a similar goal (winning), but through that work we were becoming brothers. The sense of camaraderie on the field began to transfer over to everyday life. My teammates and I would sit together at lunch, joke together, hang out together......

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...Community Assessment and Analysis - Rio Grande Michele Foster, Chelsea Simpson, Cinimol Teju, Ann Brennan, Jessica Ramaley Grand Canyon University Community Assessment and Analysis - Rio Grande The lower Rio Grande Valley is located along the United States and Mexican border. The lower Rio Grande Valley consists of four counties along the southernmost tip of Texas (Migrant Health Promotion, 2012). These counties include metropolitan areas such as Rio Grande City, McAllen, Harlingen, and Brownsville (Migrant Health Promotion, 2012). The Rio Grande Valley is nestled right along the Rio Grande River which is why the area is so abundant in agriculture. In phenomenological communities, place is emphasized more by the sense of belonging among the members (Maurer & Smith, 2009). The lower Rio Grande Valley has over one million people in which 90 percent of the population is Hispanic (Migrant Health Promotion, 2012). The Valley is known to be home to one of the largest concentrations of farm workers in the United States (Migrant Health Promotion, 2012). A considerable amount of farm workers travel from Mexico to work in agriculture in the United States and because of this, the members of this community can relate. Four counties in the southern tip of Texas along the Mexican border make up the Lower Rio Grande Valley.   Over 1 million people make up this population with 85 to 98% being Hispanic.  It is made up of over 2,000 colonias and most of residents.  Colonia is......

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...The community in which I live is very diverse. They diversity is stem from immigrants whom have found a comfortable living arrangement with other members of their race, nationality and origin. The majority of those living in my community are African-Americans, followed very closely by Hispanic and Native Americans. The community in which I live is very urbanized, and residential. In regards to the members of my community, I definitely can relate to them. The reason I find it easy to relate to them is because I find that they are in the same social class as me and other members of my family. The social class in which I am talking about is lower middle class. It seems as though we are always trying to improve our quality of life to cease the “living from paycheck to paycheck cycle.” However, I noticed within the past couple of years, I have seen an abundance of Asian American’s moving to my communities. The rate in which they are populating the community is rapidly growing. I noticed that many of the Asian Americans that have come to live in the area are collectively putting their resources together and opening up restaurants, quick carry out, and liquor stores. I find that those in leadership position tend to treat African American’s as a lost cause. The reason I say this is because, it seems as though those in position of power to make changes do not want change for the minority. Another noticeable item is that many leaders, are not putting forth the effort to......

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...really is, however the dictionary defines “community” as “a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage”. A virtual community consists only of people that use their computers as the means of communication; however, they never meet personally. People discuss various ideas, share common interests, and find friends and partners with the help of virtual communities. Virtual communities exist, and there are a lot of them nowadays. People like communicating on-line, thus, virtual communities also have some advantages in comparison with real communities. Both real communities and virtual ones serve the same purpose – communication, which creates lasting relationship between people. There are many obvious distinctions between “real” communities and “virtual” communities. The most noticeable is the difference in communication, including the lack of physical presence within the “virtual” communities. In a “real” community, messages include much unspoken communication, such as body language, which can dramatically change the meaning of the message. “Virtual” communities have nothing more than their words and “emoticons” to portray emotion within their messages. This can be either a benefit or a detriment. Emotion may get in the way of the necessary communication, but it also might be a critical part of the message. The basic idea of a community is a group of people, which is......

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