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Communication Methods
Ashley Copeland
HCS/320 Health Care Communication Strategies
Polly Hanson
September 24, 2013

You are the communications coordinator for a national drug manufacturer. Recently, there have been reports of significant negative effects caused by one of your medications that are used by a significant population. News reports have alleged that one of the individuals affected is a well-known public figure. You are tasked with addressing the news reports and the general public regarding this situation. As the communications coordinator for AOne-RX for the last 20 years, it has always been our agenda to effectively and creditably disclaim all of our medications that are used by the general public. All of our medications have been put through a series of test to ensure that they meet all requirements set by the National Drug and Narcotics Agency. There has always been a small issue with drug abuse in the United States. The effects of drug abuse can not go un-noticed any longer. The damages of drug abuse are widespread. Lots of communities, families, and people’s lives have been lost and torn apart due to an individual’s drug abuse and addiction to drugs. With the recent knowledge of Albert Cain’s drug addiction, a well-known public figure, and the very visible effects drug abuse has had on our communities. It is imperative that we at AOne-RX start making changes within our business concentrating on areas such as patient rules and regulations, as well as restrictions and guidelines. Members of the board want to go back to the drawing board, to figure out where we as a nation has failed in keeping awareness about drug addiction accessible to the general public. If we are going to effectively treat drug addiction, and or abuse we need to understand what drug abuse and or addiction is. “Drug addiction is a very chronic…...

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