Columbus Has Good Intentions

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Columbus Had Good Intentions
Jessica Peace
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Documentation of Columbus’s journeys and explorations has created profoundly different opinions from those who study him. Columbus was a not a “wholly bad”(Royal, 2000, p.36) person, he did have genuine care and concern for the land and the Indians but he had duty and honor to his country that took precedence over anything else. Columbus was an eager but flawed man with documented contradictory actions but nonetheless is the root of why we get to call America home. Columbus’s discovery was both an invasion and a discovery; the land was new to European knowledge but an invasion of Indian Territory. It is undeniable the land was inhabited by tribes of Indians whom Columbus respected but saw them as inferior creatures as “they bear no arms, and are all naked and of no skill in arms, and so very cowardly that a thousand would not stand against three” (Sale, 2000, p.33). Although there is evidence of generous and harsh treatment of the Indians, it is irrefutable that Columbus claimed occupied land. Columbus saw opportunity and seized it, just as we are encouraged to do today. The Indians had a wealth of opportunity before them and Columbus believed they were too ignorant to value it. Columbus is no different than an eager entrepreneur of the 21st century who grasps opportunities to take something and improve it. Columbus knew the trees and other resources “would be of great value in Spain, as dyeing materials, medicine, spicery, etc.” (C. Columbus, Friday, October 19). He admired the land and trees as he repeatedly comments about how different they are from those in his country and that “the natives take no care about them”(C. Columbus Tuesday, October 16). Columbus saw a way for his country to benefit from the land and the byproduct was America. Columbus was proud to represent Europe and his…...

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