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The Coach Collector
Jamie M Shire
Strayer University

The Coach Collector
Everyone has a collection of something, whether they realize it or not. Many people casually collect items as they live their daily lives, picking up a series of this or that as they happen across them. Some will spend considerable amounts of time and money scouring the world for specific pieces they must have in their collection. A few of us have dismissed the idea of collecting until a friend opens up a kitchen cabinet and announces “WOW, that’s quite a collection of coffee cups you have there!” At this point, one of two things usually happens. Either 10 coffee cups immediately get thrown away, or each time we’re in a store, garage sale, or the best friend’s house, we find ourselves looking at coffee cups to add to the cupboard. I don’t consciously collect too many things. Ironically I DO have a small collection of Starbucks coffee cups, but I’m getting it under control. One group of items that I have collected for many years and have a deep appreciation for is my assortment of Coach products. I’ve learned, through 10 plus years of collecting Coach, that most people associate the company with lady’s purses and handbags. The truth is the company is quite diverse and offers a large selection of high quality products, giving avid treasure seekers like me many opportunities to find additions to our collection. Coach, Inc., as we know it today, began life in 1941 in a Manhattan, NY loft with six artisan leatherworkers handcrafting small leather goods like wallets and handbags. The small company was modestly successful until, in 1961, things changed. Miles Cahn, who was running the company at the time, came across a method of processing leather that produced a soft yet strong and durable product. During this time, most purses and handbags were constructed with…...

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