Clift Lips and Palates

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Children with Clift lips and palates.
Because insurance companies say clefts do not need to be fixed and that they are cosmetic only, it is difficult getting help covering the cost, also It is difficult getting help raising a child with extra needs such as speech therapy. There are several ways to help prevent clefts such as taking folic acid while pregnant. Kids with clefts can be bullied more often due to their different appearance.

This site has facts about cleft lips and plates such as “A cleft means a split or separation; the palate is the roof of the mouth.” (American Academy of Otolaryngology, 2012) also presented in this article is several assumptions about what causes them and what can be done as treatment. This site doesn’t provide a great deal of raw data for the purpose of the thesis but is a good starting point to learn a little more about the subject.
American Academy of Otolaryngology. (2012). “Fact Sheet: Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate”. Retrieved on
06/24/12 from website

This site has good questions to ask such as if your child with a cleft will have a hard time learning to talk, as well as good links to other sources of information for those of us looking to learn more about children’s clefts. Noting that “Usually, but not always, the doctor will see the cleft right after the baby is born.”( American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, 1997-2012) makes a good point that you can start preparing for the situation before hand to be better prepared.
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. (1997-2012). “Cleft Lip and Palate”. Retrieved on
06/24/12 from website

Being a government site the CDC is a great resource to use as it represents facts about what has been studied on with clefts like, “Diabetes―Women with diabetes…...

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