Child Welfare

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Child Welfare

Heidi Newman

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I am doing research on child welfare, I am going to talk about how many children are maltreatment, neglect, how many children entering foster care, exiting foster care, the age of children that are in foster care, and how many children live with their grandparents. I am going to show a graph with data from 2002-2012 in New York State and compare it national statistics, about child welfare. I am also going to write up a report about talking about my data and graph.


|Victims of maltreatment in 2012 in New York |compare to national statistics |
|Number |68,375 |national |670,340 | | |
| | |statistic | | | |
|New York 2002 |15,432 |national |299,132 | | |
| | |statistics | | | |
|New York 2002 |17,970 |national |279,465 | |
| | |statistic | | |
|Under 1 |3.09% |national |0.06% |

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