Checkpoint 1 Decisions

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Checkpoint Decisions
Deann Jones
October 22, 2013
Megan Hild

Checkpoint Decisions
When I think about sex and sexual encounters I look at the situation and my decision critically. I am skeptical of a person’s motivates for wanting sex. I try to look at sex in a way as to what would make me happy, what would make me have regrets, and how my decision will affect my future. I do not base my decision on what others my think is best for me I use my own judgment.
I recently went through a situation where I had to make such a decision. My fiancé of six years and I have recently separated, but have been talking about reconciling. The problem is that he lives in another state right now with another woman, but that was not the problem. See my fiancé has told me that under the circumstances I am free to date other people and a friend of his came to me and wanted to have sex, so I had a decision to make.
When this situation arose I had some thinking to do about what I really wanted to do. I started to think about how this would affect my life, if it would make me happy, and how I would feel later. After much thinking I realized that having sex with this man would only complicate an already complicated situation.
After thinking about the situation I realized that even though the sex may have been pleasurable at the time it would not make me happy. Having sex with this man would only make me feel bad in the long term and make me feel as though I had cheated on my fiancé, even though it really would not have been.
I realized after thinking about the situation that I am not the type of person to have sex with someone at random. I need to have feelings for a person to have sex with them. I want a deep love in the future and I would not get that from this type of encounter.
With thinking critically I was able to determine that this was not something that would…...

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