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Cheating in any form in my opinion is wrong. Cheating is a common practice in schools, businesses, sports, relationships, and so forth. Although cheating happens to others, the cheaters are also cheating themselves.
I believe cheating in schools common due to the pressure students feel. Schools set high academic standards in which students are expected to live up to. Parents of students also expect their children to do well and exceed in school. Student feel they must do well in order to impress and do whatever it takes, including cheating, to get the best grades.
Due to the ecomomical collapse our country has faced over the past few years this has caused businesses to be dishonest. An example is of a business that managed people retirement. Many people trusted businesses to handle their retirement only to realize that they had been scammed. Hundreds of people found out that their retirement had been embezzled and they were left with nothing. This financial gain for the company proved to be unworthy and jail time was received.
We also see cheating in sports. Lance Amstrong was accused of using steroids for enhancement. This is also see among other athlete’s including wrestling, baseball, basketball, and football. Mandated testing is being mandated to prevent such illegal things from occurring.
Relationships also suffer due to cheating. Instead of couples talking things out or getting counseling the resort to finding other people to satisfy their needs and desires instead of talking and working out the problems with the significant others. This is only a temporary…...

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...not matter. As we grow up we learn through this method of learning from our weakness, fails, and creativity that we all can create our own work and put our name on it. Cheating and plagiarism became scary in high school but became our worst nightmare in college if one choice to partake in it and got caught. I was always proud of my work, especially when you spend hours and hours working on something and when you are finally finished you look back and it was worth that amount of time you spent on it. Cheating is not worth it; you’re not only going against the rules of academic misconduct you are cheating yourself. You’re not allowing yourself to actually learn something you are taking the easy way out and misleading not only yourself but those around you. Cheating goes into a lot of aspect in life, academics, love, sports, etc. The most interesting thing is it always comes down to one tiny aspect of yourself, your scared of letting someone down, you want to win so bad, your lazy and don’t want to try, but it all comes down to the amount you put into that activity. If you want to be good in school you need to put a lot into it to get a lot out of it, school does not come cheap. The same goes for love and relationships. Now of course there is no perfect human being, we all make mistakes, this is the beauty of cheating comes into play. It is those who learn from this mistake and take into the account how much they could of lost and turn it around. For me this is one of those......

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...& Islamic Values in Business Section (53) Course number (0302350) Assignment 1 Written by Araam Jamal U00035221 To Dr. Alaa-Aldin Abdul Rahim A. Al Athmay For this assignment, you will carefully read the story below that summarizes the incident, behaviors associated with cheating using technology, and how you can relate this story to your own situation. You should incorporate answers to the following questions into your assignment, as they are related to issues of integrity, ethics, professionalism, and personal reflection: - Why do students cheat? What can be done to address cheating in schools? - What lessons have you learned from the case? Has learning about this case inspired you to make changes in your own life? - How do you relate this behavior to ethics from the Islamic perspective? Assignment Requirements: Length: Minimum 750 words (Approximately 2.5 typed pages, 12 pt font, 1.5-spaced) Style: This paper should be written in an academic style. The tone of your work should be thoughtful and respectful. Be sure to edit your work for grammatical and spelling errors. Papers must be submitted to the instructor by 11:59 pm on the stated due date. Reading Case: Cheating and Technology Cheating in the classroom has been happening since the first schoolhouse was built; however, it has more than doubled in the last decade due to the emergence of new technologies that give students high tech alternatives to looking at their classmate's paper. "A 2002 survey by the......

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...necessary in today’s society; therefore, we should explore the effects of cheating and plagiarism among students. As enrollment increases for online classes, it also raises the question about academic honesty in distant learning classes. Distant learning has become popular over the past few years, but with the popularity comes cheating and plagiarism in the classes. Plagiarism has increased over the years due to technology and the ability to purchase term papers online. With the increase of cheating and plagiarism the faculty of many schools put policies and reprimands in place to bring the cheating to a halt. When a student is caught cheating a professor must make the decision of whether they want to follow policy procedure or handle the situation in class. One problem that comes from the professors handling the situation themselves is that the student feels they can still cheat without failing the class, as long as they can still walk away with a passing grade. Educational institutions have created policies that teacher’s are to include in the class syllabus so that the student is aware of the consequences from cheating. In most online classes the teachers will have the policies posted in the main forum for the students to reply that states they have read the rules. This is one way that the school insures that the student is aware that they can be expelled for committing plagiarism or cheating in any form. There are forms of minimizing academic dishonesty as......

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