Chapter1. the Systems Development Environment

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Chapter1. The Systems Development Environment
Problems and exercises 1. Answer: It is essential that systems analysis and design methodologies should be applied to build a system due to methodologies, which are a sequence of step-by-step approaches, helping develop your final product: the information system.
Supposing that the system is built in whatever way seems to be “quick and easy”, a series of problems will occur in the following steps. Since the main goal of systems analysis and design is to improve organizational systems and the efficiency of employees accomplishing key business tasks, it seems to ignore the potential danger when skipping the process of systems analysis and design.
The value provided by the engineering approach is the software engineering process that forms an organizational approach to systems analysis and design meanwhile makes the process be performed more easily and effectively. Additionally, to improve the organization’s current information.

2. Boundary
Education level
Answer: Students might describe inputs to a university or college as new students, new faculty, new employees, supplies, or funding. Some outputs include graduating or transferring students, faculty, and other employees who take jobs elsewhere, knowledge, or inventions. The boundary should be the level of education. The components of a university they typically have business functions, academic functions and functional hierarchy. Nearly all universities are faced with constraints on funding. Universities interact with community colleges, high schools, business organizations, professional organizations, alumni, and many other external entities. The interfaces with these external entities are sometimes formal and sometimes informal such as research collaborations between professors and researchers. The purpose of the university is to cultivate top notch…...

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