Chapter Four Case Study

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Chapter Four Case Study
Edgar French
South Florida State College

Chapter Three Case Study 1. In your experience, have you found that decision-making groups tend groupthink? If so, what factors contributed to this tendency? If not what factors helped to prevent it?
By and by, I have been included in a few situations in which components of mindless compliance started to happen, however one occasion specifically emerges among the others. I was taking an interest in an undertaking "Clairvia" throughout two weeks, in which participants where gathered in gatherings of 5 and tasked with creating one of a kind critical thinking and investigating procedures for specialized issues. Part of the way through the first day, I saw that a focal "leader" was starting to rise – not on account of the man was especially splendid, but rather in light of the fact that he was louder and more obstinate than the others. As we endeavored to all in all comprehend complex booking profiles, the "leader" affirmed his convictions around a potential arrangement, and quickly, whatever is left of the gathering started to rally behind him. It was as though unique, individual thought had become terminated inside of a matter of 10 minutes, as my colleagues turned out to be progressively baffled by the current workload. By and large, the fundamental persuading component behind the mindless obedience that happened that day, was Mitchell and Eckstein's “High stress from external threats/low hope of a solution better than the leader's” (qtd in Griffin, 2013, p. 9-5e). As individuals from the gathering found that the issue we confronted was past their own level of information, they efficiently started to concur with the man who appeared to realize what he was discussing. All things considered, he talked uproariously and sounded beyond any doubt of himself, so his thoughts seemed, by all accounts,…...

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