Chapter 5 Business Communication: Creating and Delivering Messages That Matter

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I. Introduction
A. Opener 1. Have you every wondered why do kids talk sooo much? 2. Why they are constantly bouncing all over the place? Well this is the way that they process and retain information in different learning environments or situations.
B. Introductory Transition 1. the development of learning styles began in 1907 2. VAK- Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic 1. Visual means to have the nature of producing images by the eye. 2. Auditory having the sense of hearing 3. Kinesthetic is the sense to have bodily movement or position of any parts of the body. 3. Knowing your learning style can help you perform more efficiently. 4. Through recent research and studies your learning style helps improve the speed and quality of your learning
C. Knowing the different type of learning style will help you understand and retain information.

II. Body
A. History of learning styles. 1. Dr. Maria Montessori in 1907 began to use different things to help students' learning. 2. Neil Flemming started a model called VAK learning style theory, in which it was based on three main parts. However, on of the most utilized models is Flemming's VAK model of learning styles.
B. The VAK model is made up of three main different types of learning styles which includes visual, auditory and kinesthetic or tactile. 1. Visual 1. "Show me and I'll understand" 2. Learn best through picture and diagrams 3. Visual learners grasp information when they see it. 2. Auditory 4. "tell me and I'll understand" 5. Talks to themselves 6. Often do better by listening in on discussions 7. They may move…...

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