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Local Studies
Tapalla (1986) conducted on the study habits of first year college students of southwestern University. She conducted that academic achievement was clearly affected by study habits and attitudes and was not affected by other factors like sex, types of residence, best place of study, sources of allowance and the tome spent for studying.
Villareal (1982) conducted a survey of the study habits of college students in Cebu. She showed the relationship between study habits and such factors as age, sex, civil status, educational attainment , and religion. The significant findings on her work were: 1) studying is not a purposeful mental activity among students; 2) daydreaming among students is common; 3) students are affected by the slightest noise; 4) hey read slowly and found difficulty in covering their assignments; 5) students read with lips while reading; 6)they neglect the importance of proper lighting and ventilation while studying ; 7) suitable materials for study are not available; 8)majority of the students cannot concentrate while studying; 9)unfavorable attitudes toward the study are shown by great number of them; 10) the more mature the students are, the more inefficient are their study habits; 11) and the higher the attainment of parents the better are the students’ study habits.
The study mentioned that among the causes of poor study habits were: (1) lack of proper physical and environmental background and psychological prerequisites of good study such as concentration , favorable attitude toward work and study spaced practice , time budget, self-evaluation, and methods and standards of work; (2) poor habits of preparing assignments; (3) improperly developed habits related to the classroom such as taking notes and failure to summarize facts learned; and (4) improper use of library

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