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...like cereal, waffles, pop and juice. Giant Eagle also has a rewards card were if you spend 50-100$ then you will save .10 cents in fuel perks to redeem at their gas station to get .10 cents per gallon it’s a great deal especially with high gas prices these days. The two aisles I choose to observe was the cereal aisle and the juice/ drinks aisle in order to see how consumer behaviors tend to varies from different products. In addition I thought consumers might behave differently to the time of day it is as well so I went into Giant Eagle two separate days and different times. I went in the middle of the week on a Wednesday at 1:00 in the afternoon it was steady around this time tons of women and kids, and then when I got off work Friday at 6:00 in the afternoon tons of family’s and aisles were very congested and they were also finishing up some construction that was taking place to lay down new floors by the bakery. I have observed 4 consumers in total, Consumers A,B were in the cereal aisle and C, D were in the Juice/ drinks aisle please see the appendix for details of the consumers. When making any kind of purchase a consumer goes through the steps of buying a product in their head sometimes without even knowing it. The processes consist of recognition, information search, alternative evaluation, purchase decision, and post-purchase behavior. (Teresa Novellino, 2013) This observation will chow the process of buying goods that consumers need that consist of cereal and......

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...United Cereal has a very concrete corporate strategy and culture which they call “The UC Way”. The United Cereal Way includes valuing their mottos “listen to the customer”, “spot the trend, make the market”, and “honoring the past while embracing the future”. This company structures their organization to follow these mottos while maintaining a focus to “commitment, diligence, and loyalty”. The UC Way can be identified as a strength of the organization in that they have a strong set of values and a clear commitment to their vision which can help to guide their decision making. Another strength of this organization is the involvement of their brand management system in every aspect of building the brand from production to sales allowing for efficient involvement and communication to build their brands the right way. In addition, United Cereal’s structure of appointing country managers to be responsible for their own market is beneficial in ensuring that the company is efficiently responding to the needs and demands of that nation’s market as well as limiting the cultural differences and making a new market entrance smooth. United Cereal’s European Vice President Lora Brill has structured the organization with new subsidiaries to enter new markets in Europe. Each national subsidiary is led by a country manager who has the authority to decide how to run the business in that country. The country managers are overseen by three regional presidents. This organization has strengths......

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...United Cereal: Lora Bill’s Euro brand Challenge Q.1 Should she authorize the launch in France? Ans When analyzing a situation, such as the one presented to us by United Cereal, there are many, many factors to take into account. Lora Brill has been saddled with the decision of whether to make some big changes to a long-term successful company in order to push the growth potential of the company to a whole new level. She has been presented much of the information she needs to make a decision of this magnitude, but with mixed results in past trials of a similar nature, Lora is not sure what to do. The first thing she needs to do before coming to her decision is to really look at the information that is in front of her. Many people make brash financial decisions based on what they feel is right at the time only to later realize their hindsight is 20/20. In other words, people, being imperfect, have a tendency to make illogical decisions based on emotion. They may make a risky investment because they had a good feeling about it, or they may get very excited about a new strategy and let their emotions get the best of them by overlooking obvious logical flaws in that strategy. For Lora, when dealing with a decision of this magnitude, she must make sure that her emotion is not weighing her one way or the other. This can be done by taking a step back and analyzing the data and information that she has and making sure she has not overlooked anything by taking a non-biased approach....

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