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“Celebrity role models”
Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes, and Britney Spears what do all these celebrities have in common? They all rose to stardom as childhood stars and have become a tremendous part of children’s lives. They have transformed from talented singing to talented acting. As these stars tend to grow older they become exposed to an amount of certain things. These things include body image issues, alcohol, drugs, and sexuality. Many of these things start affecting their image in the media. Celebrity’s actions affect children who look up to them. Its like the saying “monkey see monkey do” they want to be exactly like them. Young girls begin to starve themselves because of body image insecurities, casual teenage sex is immensely increasing, and clothing is beginning to get smaller and smaller. The worse case scenario is they typically blame their unacceptable behavior on television. All these bad habits are being adopted from children, which we must shut down. Increasingly Celebrity images are being publicized immensely across television, movies, magazines, and Internet in our generation of technology. I strongly believe this is largely a negative development. Miley Cyrus for instance, was known as “Hanna Montana” on the Disney Channel. The Hanna Montana franchise made Disney close to a $1 billion dollar. (DailyPix). That’s all thanks to her inspiring fans that look up to Miley Cyrus as a role model. Also her Hanna Montana Movie raised the revenue in the box office. The opening weekend, February 1–3, 2008, the movie had gross revenue of $31.1 million. It was the number one movie of the weekend. (Wikipedia). Opening in only 638 theaters, it set a record of over $42,000 per theater. It set a record for the highest revenue for a 3-D movie for one weekend. (Wikipedia). Her childhood identity is a long…...

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