Case Study: Christa Foley: Recruiting Outside the Box at Zappos.

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Christa Foley: Recruiting outside the box at Zappos
Zappos is a privately held online retailer with an extensive product category mainly including footwear, watches, apparel and handbags. Their Headquarters is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and it primarily operates in the US with about 1,300 employees and revenues mounting to $2,158 million in 2011. And also this company spends over $350 million to develop the entire neighborhood so employees will have access to great places to live and socialize too. Thanks to its strength in offering an outstanding customer shopping experience and strong corporate cultures and values related to customer service; it is one of the largest online shoe retailer with a positive growth outlook. Zappos launched in 1999, there was a great deal of reluctance about the notion of selling shoes online. The exclusive selling propositions of this company included: the ability to buy from a much larger selection of sizes, styles and colors than in brick and mortar stores; the ability to receive overnight shipping for free; the provision of detailed information and visual access to the shoes; and the “WOW” experience of a customer service call center whose passionate employees were trained to go above and beyond.
Would you consider working for Zappos? Why or why not?
After I read the article and did further research on Zappos, definitely I will like to work with a company like this that is focuses on identify the right fit of their employees. I like their core values and although everyone seems important to me to get the “Wow” through service is my favorite one. “Wow” means surprise the customer, supplier, partner, etc. and always giving a little bit more than most expect. This creates an experience that customers, suppliers, partners, etc. will never forget.

What are Zappos' ten core values?
1. Deliver WOW through service
2. Embrace…...

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