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Unlike the previous Scottish Parliament which was abolished by the Act of Union in 1707, the new Scottish Parliament is not a completely independent body. The Scottish Parliament is quite clearly an inferior body in comparison to the Westminster Parliament. It is the
Westminster Parliament from which the Scottish Parliament derives its authority to pass laws for Scotland. Any legislation of the Scottish Parliament is considered to be secondary legislation not primary legislation. It should also be recalled that a simple Act of the Westminster
Parliament is all that it would take to abolish Scotland’s Parliament. Westminster has already abolished a local assembly or parliament ie the Stormont Parliament or Assembly which made laws for Northern Ireland until its abolition in the 1970s.

scots law has two main areas of law: Civic Law and Criminal Law. These laws are made to protect people and make them feel safe.
Scottish criminal law deals with offences against people and offences against property, for example, murder, rape, parking offences, non-payment of TV licence, and theft. Criminal law also covers public order offences, which include mobbing, and so on
Scottish civic law is focused on non–criminal disputes, such as those related to business, personal relationships, divorce, contracts, debts, etc. [
القانون الاسكتلندي لديه مجالين رئيسيين القانون: القانون المدني والقانون الجنائي. وتتكون هذه القوانين لحماية الناس وجعلهم يشعرون بالأمان.
ويتناول القانون الجنائي الاسكتلندي مع الجرائم ضد الأشخاص والجرائم ضد الممتلكات، على سبيل المثال، والقتل، والاغتصاب، وجرائم قوف السيارات، وعدم دفع رخصة التلفزيون، والسرقة. ويشمل القانون الجنائي أيضا جرائم النظام العام، والتي تشمل المهاجمة، وهلم جرا
ويركز القانون المدني الاسكتلندي في النزاعات غير جنائية، مثل تلك المتعلقة بالأعمال، والعلاقات…...

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