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Facts: Juliana Melliza during her lifetime owned, among other properties, 3 parcels of residential land in Iloilo City (OCT 3462).Said parcels of land were known as Lots Nos. 2, 5 and 1214. The total area of Lot 1214 was 29,073 sq. m. On 27 November 1931she donated to the then Municipality of Iloilo, 9,000 sq. m. of Lot 1214, to serve as site for the municipal hall. The donation was however revoked by the parties for the reason that the area donated was found inadequate to meet the requirements of the development plan of the municipality, the so-called “Arellano Plan.”
Subsequently, Lot 1214 was divided by Certeza Surveying Co., Inc. into Lots 1214-A and 1214-B. And still later, Lot 1214-B was further divided into Lots 1214-B-1, Lot 1214-B-2 and Lot1214-B-3. As approved by the Bureau of Lands, Lot 1214-B-1, with 4,562 sq. m., became known as Lot 1214-B; Lot 1214-B-2,with 6,653 sq. m., was designated as Lot 1214-C; and Lot 1214-B-3, with 4,135 sq. m., became Lot 1214-D. On 15 November1932, Juliana Melliza executed an instrument without any caption providing for the absolute sale involving all of lot 5, 7669 sq.m. of Lot 2 (sublots 2-B and 2-C), and a portion of 10,788 sq. m. of Lot 1214 (sublots 1214-B2 and 1214-B3) in favor of the Municipal Government of Iloilo for the sum of P6,422; these lots and portions being the ones needed by the municipal government for the construction of avenues, parks and City hall site according the “Arellano plan.”
On 14 January 1938, Melliza sold her remaining interest in Lot 1214 to Remedios Sian Villanueva (thereafter TCT 18178). Remedios in turn on 4 November1946 transferred her rights to said portion of land to Pio Sian Melliza (thereafter TCT 2492). Annotated at the back of Pio Sian Melliza’s title certificate was the following “that a portion of 10,788 sq.…...

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