Case Analysis Fairchild Water Technologies, Inc.

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Marketing Case
Fairchild Water Technologies, Inc.
Rong Fan

I. Firm Summary a. What is the firm’s current mission/vision?
Gather background data on the possibility of Fairchild Water Technologies, Inc. entering the Indian market for home water purification devices. b. Describe the firm’s current brand.
Fairchild Water Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1980 by Eugene Fairchild. The company’s first product was a desalinator used by mobile home parks in Florida to remove salts from brackish well water supplied to residents and that lead a huge success. New products’ prices higher than other competitors. The company have over 4,000 employees. The company start to export sales from 1985 and almost reach $140 million in 2000. The company has a lot of sales offices, small assembly areas and distribution facilities in other countries. By late 1995. Two models had been sale to other countries and got a big success. In late 1999, the company has the “delight purifier”. c. What is the firm’s current unique selling proposition (i.e. what is it that they do that their competition doesn’t do)?
Delight Purifier. The Delight purifier used a combination of technologies to remove four types of contaminants found in potable water. The engineers at Fairchild Water Technologies, Inc. had interpreted several WHO reports on potable water and had combined the technologies to purify water to a level beyond WHO standards. II. Firm Marketing Mix Summary d. What are the firm’s current products?
Delight Purifier. e. What are the firm’s…...

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