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1. Its summer job time and you’ve found something that just might work—handling technical support inquiries at a local Internet provider. The regular full time employees are paid by the hour. Summer hires like you fill in when they go on vacation. However, you will be paid by the call for each customer that you handle. How will this pay plan affect your work behavior as a customer service representative? Is this summer pay plan a good choice by the management of the Internet provider?

Answer: As a part time customer service representative, I would expect to be paid by the hour. Even though I am suppose to be here to fill in for the full time staff, if I am not being paid by the hour I don’t think that myself or anyone else would feel like they have to take their job as seriously. The management of this Internet provider is asking for trouble when they told the part time employees that they would be paid for each customer that they helped over the phone. To my understanding, those who work part time would show up to work and not work nearly as hard or put nearly as much effort into their job because they are only being paid once they get on the phone with a customer. If the lines happen to be slow one day, these part time employees are going to start goofing off and not paying attention to the task at hand because they aren’t being paid. I think that if they want to get the job done right, they need to pay everybody hourly. I do not think that this summer pay plan is a good choice by the management of the Internet provider.

You’ve just come up with a great idea for improving productivity and morale in a shop that silk-screens t-shirts. You want to allow workers to work four 10-hour days if they want instead of the normal five day/40-hour week. With the added time off, you reason, they’ll be happier and more…...

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...Building a career plan is difficult, if people have no clue what career field interest them, what is the person strength and weaknesses, and if the person posse the passion for a certain career. Working on my competencies section, I have identified my strengths. If I have to categorize myself with the results, I will say my top three is adapting to change, strategizing, and innovating. To be a high-quality manager or a leader, they must be willing to accept changes. Since, not all work environments are the same. Adjusting to change will make a person realize what works and what does not work. At the same time strategizing and innovative is critical to managers. For a company to raise profit or cut spending, it requires strategizing because without a road map a person may not be able to find the final destination. An innovative person who thinks outside the box usually performs at a higher level. Creative and innovative thinkers stand out in front of their peers and will be successful in their careers. Conducting the exercise, I understand how competencies relate to one another and identify my strength and weakness. If I change my communication techniques to be an effective communicator, I will ensure to disseminate information at the lowest level and use back brief technique. This will mitigate miscommunication among the staff and I will use this technique to check on my staff. To complete assigned task in a timely manner, I will need to ensure that my staff understands...

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...What career will suit your personality? You would be very happy in a career that utilized your people skills. You want a career that allows you to stimulate your senses and your mind. Some careers that would be perfect for you are: • Actor • Recruitment Consultant • Politician • Marketing • Psychologist • Religious Minister • Teacher • Social Worker • Human Resources Manager • Sales • Lawyer • Advertising You are a great leader. You genuinely enjoy being around other people. Your relationships with others are very important to you. You love talking and meeting new people. You are very enthusiastic about work and about all that you do and have in your life. You love being the focus of attention. You enjoy a fast pace. You are very socially oriented. Therefore, you are much happier being with others than you are alone. You crave interaction with others. You are very spontaneous and often act before you think. You are always quick to answer when you are asked a question, even if you aren't sure of the answer. It is easier for you to improvise as you go along. You enjoy thinking out loud, and are most creative when brainstorming with friends or colleagues. You enjoy being involved in many activities. You are very easy to read, and often wear your heart on your sleeve. You are never afraid to tell people what you think. You are very empathetic and genuine. You can sometimes be seen as over-emotional or too involved by others. But that is only......

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...Marco A. Solis After completing my personal competencies assignment, it helped me learn and understand my competencies and how to apply them to any situation in life. In the career interest’s profiler it show me some things I already know but it also help me with the list of different careers that would best fit me. By completing the competencies assignment, it has helped me to understand and analyze my results such as adapting to change, take initiative and persuading. Understanding this makes improve my skills and work on them, and helps me see other options to improve my personality. “Critical Thinking” means the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment. So to do that I should take the initiative more to things and be more persuasive. Before making any decisions that would help me to think out of the box and that’s using critical thinking. Another way in applying my results can be in how I evaluate arguments. For example, adapting to change and coping with pressure is the best way to where I can evaluate arguments. Adapting to change it can help to see different point of view of other people and learn from other people. Making me a better a person and taking opinions of other people in consideration. And coping with pressure makes me calm down in an argument because sometime getting out of control and not calming down can take to other scenarios. That’s whys this assessment made me use my critical thinking before making any decision.......

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...University of Phoenix Material Career Interests and Market Research Worksheet Complete the Career Interest Profiler activity on the Phoenix Career Services website. To access the interest profiler, click on Set Your Goals. Then, complete Step 1.2. At the end of Step 1.2, Click Go to the Career Exploration tool to access the career interest profiler. Select two careers you are interested in based on the results of the Interest Assessment activity. Conduct labor market research on the two careers, and fill in the following table regarding the research you conducted. | |Career 1 |Career 2 | |What is the career? |The first career I choose was an Account |The second career I choose was a Program Manager | | |Manager/Representative. | | |What interests you |This particular career involves a high level of |This career really caught my attention because it requires| |about this career? |communication which also happens to be a transferrable |to work with others and manage group related projects | | |skill for me. |within a company or organization. This can also include | | | ...

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