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What do Canadian Families look like today?

In today’s society families are constantly changing, especially from the previous generations when it was common for two people to get married have children and stay together until “death do they part”. Now a days that social norm has changed in the sense that the statistics are on the rise regarding; divorce, blended families (stepfamilies), common-law families, as well as same sex families. In my opinion I think that Canadian families today look very diverse. As opposed to back when my parents and grandparents were born, many things have changed over time. Although, married couple are still the predominant family structure, accounting for 9,389,700 families, our world is rapidly changing and families are becoming more and more different from what they used to be.
Firstly, divorce was most definitely not as common as it is today. Statistics Canada states that 41% of marriages will end in divorce by the 30th year at the latest. This has changed drastically over the years seeing as decades ago, divorce wasn’t seen as something socially acceptable and once married people expected to be together for the rest of their lives no matter what.Now days that is something very common and we see or experience it in our own families quite often. Next, this leads into the rising statistics we are seeing in regards to stepfamilies. Again like I said before, decades ago it was not only unacceptable to divorce, but then to remarry into another family. Census Canada counted 464,335 stepfamilies in the year of 2011. That represented 12.6% of the nearly 3.7 million couple families with children. So now a day’s remarrying and moving into a new cohesive step family is way more common. Common law families are also becoming more popular than they would have been during the “baby boom” era. The census stated that over the time period of…...

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