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Tremendous advancements in both science and technology have contributed to the secular trends in the world that we live in today. This has led to the expansion of electronic commerce technologies across the world. In order for organizations to benefit from these new systems and tools it is necessary for them to adapt and implement these new technological advancements. Overall, the role of e commerce is to enable companies to transform the way that they deal with internal information and customer service. The purpose of this case study is to analyze the survival of Barnes and Noble in the inevitable era of e books. Research of this analysis will be drawn form primary sources such as academic journals, articles and books.

Barnes and Noble, is one of the leading retail distributers of books in the U.S, with over, 1300 bookstore all across the United States. The company is comprised of three segments, which include, retail segment, which includes its 661 brick and mortar stores as well as the official company website (, e book segment which focuses on selling “The Nook,” Barnes and Nobles e book reader and the college bookstore segment. (IBISWorld, 2015).
Since its inception, Barnes and Noble helped to put many independent booksellers out of business, and now finds itself fighting fierce battles in the wake of the e book era.
The book industry went has gone through drastic changes, which have resulted from the advancement of technology, there has been a radical change from actual print to digital. Recent studies have shown that more and more individuals are inclined to purchase e books over print, for reasons such as convenience, accessibility, having a wider range of choice of books at choose from and the “on the go” feature that comes with purchasing an electronic book just to mention a few.
Amazon, which to date remains the…...

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