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• What percent of parents delay or skip shots when it comes to vaccinating their kids? What percent of parents refuse to vaccinate their kids altogether?
• 10%
• 1%

Why do you think that in the United States kids must be vaccinated before they enter Kindergarten?
Kids need it, so they start fighting against diseases

• 500 years ago, how many children died before the age 5

• How effective was Edward Jenner’s Vaccination. 500,000 cases to 0 worldwide.
It was effective
• Why do we vaccinate kids when they are so young?
Protect them against diseases and prevent.
• In the industrialized world, how many of the childhood epidemics still exist?
• Why didn’t the Measles epidemic of 2013 spread to areas outside of Brooklyn? Explain herd immunity.

• What is the required percentage of people who need to be vaccinated to ensure that a major measles epidemic does not occur? What was the percentage in France in 2007 -2008? How big was the epidemic that followed? 95%, 89%, 15,000 cases in 2011

• What caused Luke Filben’s neurological disorder? A gene mutation causes Dravet syndrome

damaged by traumas, infections, heredity and tumors, among other things. Some pediatric neurological disorders are caused by exposure to toxic chemicals and development delays.

• What is the difference between a cause of a disease and a trigger for a disease?
A cause of disease its what actually makes it into the disease and a trigger for a disease it’s what spreads it and starts the disease.
• Can today’s polio vaccine cause polio? yes • Why do some people think that vaccines cause autism?
Autism symptoms are usually noticed around the same time that many vaccinations are given
• Who was Andrew Wakefield and what did he have to do with the way many people see vaccines? Andrew Jeremy Wakefield is a British former surgeon and medical researcher,…...

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