Calling from Newcastle

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Calling from Newcastle
Mahatma Gandhi once said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. These, I believe, are very wise words from which we can still learn. Most people know what is right and what is wrong, but in the hurry of a hectic everyday life, we tend to relax our morality and when in Rome do as the Romans do. For instance, we have all heard dozens of people preach on inner glory being most important, and still we are often declined to meet people with prejudices based on their looks. This is the case in Julia Darling’s short story Calling from Newcastle (2004) where a young woman, Gloria, because of her overweight is having a hard time winning people’s acceptance.
The story takes place in the British city of Newcastle in northeastern England, and a reference to the new Gateshead Millenium Bridge tells us that the year is 2001 (p. 4, l. 115). It has a third person narrator and begins in medias res by introducing us to a telephone saleswoman, Gloria, who quickly turns out to be the main character of the story. Gloria has just finished high school and not only is she eighteen years old, she is also eighteen stone. Due to her weight, all of her job applications have been refused but at the call center where no one knows your size, she fits in perfectly (p. 1-2, ll. 22-33). At the call center she is met by colleagues who are all in similar positions. They are shy, they have neither been on top of the social nor the physical ladder but they are sweet voiced (p. 2, ll. 32-35). They are good persons who due to a lack of social skills (p. 2, ll. 47-48) sit in cubicles selling house insurances like captive animals. At first, Gloria is comfortable as long as she is ensured anonymity and she quickly proves to be a very talented seller because of her sweet and honest voice reflecting her inner (p. 3, l. 64). She does change though. After having red in the local…...

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