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01. There are basically two ways by which electricity is transported from generating plants to load areas. These are by overhead transmission lines and by underground cables. Overhead transmission is more favoured for economic reasons. The cost of underground cables is invariably higher than that of overhead lines with equivalent capability, particularly for extra high voltage transmission system. Inspite of the higher cost, the need for underground installations has been pronounced with each passing year owing to :. (a) (b) Ever growing concern for safety and amenities in densely populated areas. Preservation of aesthetic values in many localities.

These factors have led to the continuous growth of cable system in many countries in the world. Different types of underground cables are: (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) Paper insulated lead covered (PILC) cables, Poly vinyl chloride (PVC) cables, Polyethylene (PE) cables, Ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) cables, Cross linked polyethlene (XLPE) cables.

Among these, PILC and XLPE are the two competitors. PILC cables are the most primitive cables used in entire voltage range starting from 1.1KV to 750KV AC. Inspite of the well established service reliability, the PILC cables are being gradually replaced by less hygroscopic polymeric insulated cables, mainly XLPE. XLPE cables have distinct advantages viz, lighter weight, better electrical and thermal properties, less maintenance, and easier terminating and jointing procedure etc. Today XLPE cables are being extensively used in many countries all over the world. In 1959, Japan and USA commercialized XLPE cables upto medium voltage rating. Since then a fast development of XLPE cables has taken place. Presently, XLPE cable of 500KV class has been installed in Japan. 0.2 THE XLPE CABLE TECHNOLOGY The basic material for XLPE cable is polyethylene (PE). PE has…...

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