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P4 | Examine the ethical concerns of the communities in which a selected business operates.
There are many different types of ethical concerns within a community in which a business operates. For my chosen organisation Adidas there a many ethical concerns which have been raised in the locations they operate. In 1990 there was a boycott of Adidas products as they were caught forcing people to work in sweatshops and in very bad conditions. This was seen in Indonesia, Philippines and China. They were using cheap labour and forcing people to work 65 hours a week with no breaks and also giving them physical and verbal abuse. There were concerns that they are treating workers very badly and also exploiting those who are in need of money, these were going against the human rights and also making a mockery of poverty around the world.
Before the 2002 Olympics held in the UK athletes boycotted adidas products as they aware of the ethical issues which were raised against adidas in different countries. This had a major impact on Adidas as it lost a lot of money and also lost respect from most of their customers around the world.
Other ethical concerns with Adidas in communities are the local amenities and getting rid of land in order to build factories. This is affecting a lot of people as they are coming in and buying cheap land and taking away useful resources from a community. Adidas have also gone into places and got rid of green field sites which have angered many people within communities. The more factories Adidas are building this is causing more and more pollution and increasing the carbon emissions. This is then assisting the deforestation as they are using up natural resources.
Some facts about pollution due to factories are that by 2020 in China there is a high possibility that over 15% of people will be affected with some sort of lung disease due to the…...

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