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Business Research Article
Dorene Herod-Nelson
RES/351-Business Research
August 28,2013
Esmaail Nikjeh

Business Research Article

When it comes to business research, all parties involved must be on the same page.
There has to be a common goal everyone is trying to reach in order for the research to evolve as it should. One great way to research a product or even find out about customer service in a restaurant is by giving surveys. Now personally I do surveys about once a week through different organizations, where they are doing research on anything from the kind of soap you use to the gas station you most likely get gas from and why. This is a marketing tool to help them develop a better product or to fix the existing one. When a manufacturer comes out with a new product, surveys from consumers can really be key to developing the best product. They can research the size of the product, how much it should cost, where it should be sold, or even additional places it should be sold, and also the packaging may be the issue with the consumer. Those are the advantages of business surveys.
“Manufacturers have a lot to think about when designing their products. Packaging plays received packaging can get neglected by consumers. That’s because it’s what happens once the product hits the store that can make a world of difference between bright profit margins and dull performances.”1 (
“The first step is identifying key competitors in the industry. One way to garner information on the competition is through secondary research. Secondary research information is data that are already available about the industry: market share and total market sales. Secondary research may also provide detailed information about competitors, such as number of employees, products they sell and their key strengths. Secondary research can be…...

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