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Case # 8 Panera Bread Company
Costco Wholesale Corporation: Mission,Business Model, and Strategy

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Team #12
Heriberto Hernández Rocha
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Yuriko Yamaguchi Esquivel
Jorge Fernández
Karla Fernanda Salinas Pérez
Leslie Melisa Silva Jimenez

Ciudad Universitaria De San Nicolás de los Garza Nuevo León, September 16th, 2013

Case # 8 Panera Bread Company

Company Overview

* Founded1978 in Boston, Massachusetts * Purchased Saint Louis Bread Company in 1993 * Sold Au Bon Pain Division in 1999 * Changed company name to Panera Bread Company

The Panera Bread Company’s name is derived from the words:

* “Pan” which means bread in Spanish and Italian. * “Era” meaning period of time.


* Fresh, high quality, organic meals to metropolitan citizens. * Fast meals in a visually appealing, comfortable environment. * Meals with reduced additives or preservatives.

Product Differentiation

* Panera Bread uses a market niche strategy based on differentiation; backward vertical integration. * Panera internally produces fresh dough for company-owned and franchised bakery-cafes. * This competitive strategy focuses on a small group and caters to the wants and desires of that particular group of customers * Panera Bread’s marketing strategy wants these customers to feel as if they are getting something better and more wholesome for the same price as they would from the company’s competitors.


* White collar, upper-middle class suburbanites and city dwellers. * Organics/healthy crowd. * Americans who are changing their eating habits by moving away from high calorie, or high cholesterol meals.


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