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Matrix Plot of GE Closing, S&P 500, PHG, BA, Trend

Regression Analysis: GE Closing versus S&P 500, PHG, BA, Trend

Analysis of Variance

Source DF Adj SS Adj MS F-Value P-Value
Regression 4 3354.01 838.503 250.08 0.000 Error 67 224.65 3.353
Total 71 3578.66

Model Summary

S R-sq R-sq(adj) R-sq(pred)
1.83110 93.72% 93.35% 92.32%


Term Coef SE Coef T-Value P-Value VIF
Constant -6.23 2.49 -2.50 0.015
S&P 500 0.04105 0.00435 9.43 0.000 11.42
PHG -0.3004 0.0913 -3.29 0.002 8.22
BA 0.1026 0.0303 3.39 0.001 2.88
Trend -0.1185 0.0148 -7.98 0.000 2.04

Regression Equation

GE Closing = -6.23 + 0.04105 S&P 500 - 0.3004 PHG + 0.1026 BA - 0.1185 Trend

Fits and Diagnostics for Unusual Observations

Obs GE Closing Fit Resid Std Resid 1 38.380 45.234 -6.854 -4.01 R 3 44.710 47.112 -2.402 -1.48 X 8 50.660 46.660 4.000 2.34 R 9 50.070 46.078 3.992 2.28 R 31 28.740 25.191 3.549 2.05 R

R Large residual
X Unusual X

Model Estimate:
GE = -6.23 + S&P*0.04105 + PHG*-0.3004 + BA*0.1026 + Trend*-0.1185 + ε
H0: β1 + β2 + β3 = 0…...

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