Bus Radio Theft Investigation

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Bus Radio Theft Investigation Case
Joseph Hawley
October 28, 2013
Damain Torres

Bus Radio Theft Investigation Case
In every crime discovered by the authorities, expect an investigation. It is done for the authorities to know more about the case at hand, to find out the responsible party, their reasons, why they chose the victims and so on. It is used to create a case and to give justice to what the victims has experienced. Although the main reason for investigating us take for example a case in Kelsey known as the “Bus Radio Theft Case”. It happened at one of the schools in Kelsey which is the Unified School District. The perpetrators choose to steal radios from school buses. Although the case happened a few years back, there are some aspects of investigations used in this case that we want to study and show you. In reviewing the said incident, we can simply learn one thing, how to solve the mystery involving radio bus thefts. We will take a look at how the investigators of the said case created and accumulated their documents, how they made observations and derive their resolutions from it. We will also take a look at some o the important and useful techniques they used to make the investigation a success including choosing the right people for questioning. The way these investigators compiled the information they gathered will be taken into consideration as well.
The investigation about the bus radio theft incidents started after a report came in saying there has been multiple incidents already. The area of investigation is in Kelsey, somewhere in the Southwest of the region. The target bus is Kelsey Unified School bus which is normally park in the school yard or area. Once a new radio comes in and gets installed, a new a report comes in saying it got stolen again that is only after a month or so of installation (Apollo Group, 2011, p. 1). A new…...

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