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MANILA — A lawmaker has charged that the Benigno Aquino III administration’s proposed budget allocation for education is so meager that it will drive state schools to implement more commercialization schemes, tuition and other increases, and other income-generating activities.
During a recent congressional budget deliberation for the proposed allocation for the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and state universities and colleges (SUCs) Kabataan party-list Raymond Palatino said the Aquino government’s P37.1 billion ($880 million) budget for education is “grossly insufficient.” He said that despite President Benigno Aquino III’s pronouncement that the country’s 110 SUCs will will receive a hefty increase in their budget next year, there are many “cover-ups” and “deceptions” in the proposed budget as put together by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM).
In his 2013 budget message, Aquino said that his government was not neglecting public schools and universities, or the country’s “iskolar ng bayan” or scholars. Aquino then went on to explain that the DBM increased the allocation for SUCs by almost 44 percent or P11.3 billion, to P37.1 billion ($880 million) from the current P25.8 billion ($619 million).
“At first glance, it appears that the government is changing its earlier pronouncement that it will gradually reduce state funding for SUCs to force them to utilize their internal income. Such a move is a direct response to the clamor of students who have arduously fought for greater state subsidy in the past years. However, instead of being all praises for the Aquino administration, we remain unimpressed and dismayed, as the 2013 budget is a cover-up budget full of potholes and deceptions,” Palatino said.
Nominal increases, real cutbacks
The lawmaker said not the entire sum of P37.1 billion ($880 million) will go to SUCs. He said…...

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